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We’re excited to tell you that SugarCRM is releasing version 11, bringing new innovations and technologies to boost your system to the next level.

We’ve listed some of our favourite new features available in SugarCRM version 11. Please note that some of these features may be found in SugarCRM Enterprise only.

SugarCRM offers a range of complete CRM platforms to give your business a centralised place for all activity. It uses automation and integration and empowers your team to collaborate, streamline, and create long-lasting customer relationships.

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Improved dashboards and dashlets

Dashboards are a key element of SugarCRM. They allow you to present your information in a clear way whilst giving you insight into your metrics that matter the most.

SugarCRM version 11 brings dynamic improvements to dashboards and dashlets. Dashboards can be configured to include an unlimited number of dashlets; you have complete flexibility to see all of your information at a glance. You can also resize dashlets independently by dragging each side, allowing you to customise your system even further.

Comment log email notifications

Email notifications can now be sent when a user is mentioned in a comment log entry. This means that your team will never miss a message. You can even configure the email template used so it fits your business.

SugarCRM version 11

Use files to improve visibility

With SugarCRM version 11, you’re able to attach multiple files to notes using the new Attachments field. The system-level “Is Attachment” field can be used to differentiate between directly-created notes and notes that are an attachment to another record in the Reports module.

Locate records quicker with improved filters

With SugarCRM’s new features in version 11, you’re able to find and access your records faster and more efficiently. The default number of List View filters has increased to 50, meaning you’re able to filter your records in a more in-depth way. You can also now locate records assigned to inactive users by filtering on user status.

SugarCRM version 11 means that you can now mass update with more field types, including:
  • Checkbox
  • Multiselect
  • Date

Create more flexible customisations in Studio with SugarCRM version 11

SugarCRM’s Studio feature gives you the ability to create bespoke customisations to your system. This includes terminology and language, field types and access, process frameworks, and modules. SugarCRM version 11 has brought many new features to Studio, allowing you to customise your system even further.

A new field type has been added – the new auto-increment field type allows administrators to add a unique numerical ID to module records. Fields can now be made conditionally required, so ‘required if’. This is particularly useful for lost opportunities. For example, if you have a ‘reason lost’ text box, this can be required only if the status field is marked as lost.

The functionality of making a field read-only has been extended too – this can be read-only always, or conditionally, depending on your requirements.

Previously, you couldn’t edit relationship-based relate fields in Studio. Now, they are in the module’s Fields list in Studio, where you can adjust their field-level settings (e.g., enabling them for audit).

Field level data improvements

SugarCRM version 11 offers vast improvements to data held in fields. Any hyperlinks in text area fields can be clickable, meaning your team can work faster and more efficiently.

Did you know? With SugarCRM version 11, you’re able to add the interactions dashlet to the quotes record view.

Work more efficiently with improved revenue line items

SugarCRM version 11 has brought more benefits to revenue line items. These help you to break down opportunities, giving you a deeper insight into your sales. Version 11 means that revenue line items now support negative quantities. This is useful for price adjustments or credit.

Revenue line items now also support percentage discounts, making it easier for your team to create and update opportunities.

SugarBPM’s new features coming in SugarCRM version 11

SugarBPM, SugarCRM’s workflow tool, allows you to create automated processes to flow within your system without any manual interaction. It has drag-and-drop functionality which means you can automate your processes quickly and easily.

Version 11 has brought new functionality to SugarBPM: Round Robin actions in SugarBPM can now assign records based on the availability of users according to their shifts, shift exceptions, and holidays. You can apply start events to both new and updated records at once so that it is no longer necessary to create process definitions with multiple start events in most cases.

In SugarCRM version 11, the refresh button is available on the list views of all SugarBPM modules to allow users to quickly refresh the list view results without having to reload the browser.

If you’d like to see more SugarCRM version 11 features, or if you’d like to discuss SugarCRM with our team, contact us using the button below.