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SugarCRM is a customer relationship management platform that helps the public sector build people-centric relationships with stakeholders and partners. SugarCRM provides complete autonomous control over your system and data, whilst complying with internal data security, privacy policies and government compliance mandates.

SugarCRM is engendered with data protection in mind. It has strict compliance and security protocols, making it a great fit for the Public Sector.

A secure place for your data

We understand how important data security is in Government organisations due to the sensitive nature of their work. 

SugarCloud ensures data is protected both in transit and at rest due to its secure encryption. All data in the SugarCloud Development, Test, and QA environments are anonymised and sanitised to allow for development, patching, fixes, code and penetration testing. The Platform utilises AWS in order to give you a more secure platform. AWS also means that data protection, retention, access, and flows are built-in, so the processes are streamlined. 

The SugarCRM platform is:

  • SOC2 Type2 Compliant
  • GDPR compliant


SugarCRM’s automations not only improve efficiency but also save valuable time. These automations give users the power to streamline their processes, meaning you can focus on decision-making.

360-degree view

One key feature of a CRM which is vital for the Public Sector is the ability to have a clear view of assets, accounts and cases. A lot of our customers in the Government sector approached us because they were struggling with their software solutions. They had a major problem with visibility and collaboration, and they needed a system that would help them operate in a more efficient way. SugarCRM has an easy-to-read list view on all its modules, making understanding data easier than ever.

Integrations your team will love

We want to empower the Government organisations we work with, and we understand that you may already have the tools you love using. That’s why SugarCRM has so many integrations for their website, ensuring their processes are streamlined.

Doc Merge

Doc Merge pulls data from Sugar into professional-quality documents such as contracts, quotes, NDA agreements, form letters, and labels. Doc Merge has the ability to extract data from all Sugar Sidecar modules and their related modules into individual or multiple digital documents within minutes. This powerful feature will saves time as everything is accessible natively within SugarCRM, resulting in increased efficiency.

How has helped local councils

We’ve created bespoke solutions for local councils that had no visibility of their processes when they were carrying out various local schemes. Their previous system was a very static CRM which meant that they were unable to self-manage it. The organisation’s migration to SugarCRM meant that they are now able to have a fully customisable CRM platform in which they can add bespoke modules that fit their unique usage of SugarCRM.

How has helped Government Charities

We have also assisted Government charities that previously lacked the infrastructure and security that they needed for their organisation. were able to upgrade them to SugarCRM, which they use to manage assets and relationships with their partners.

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