How SugarCRM helps franchises align their businesses

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Juggling a host of different franchisees can be one of the biggest challenges for a franchisor. Without a centralised system collaboration is hindered, communication silos form, and reporting suffers.

SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management platform that empowers users to align their workflows and processes.

Sugar is fully customisable

Our franchise customers often need a bespoke CRM due to their unique needs. Sugar is famed for being one of the most customisable CRM platforms on the market and our developers are experts in delivering the best CRM for your needs.

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Sugar dashboard

Get a clear 360-degree view

A key feature of a CRM that is vital for success is the ability to have a clear view of your assets. Lack of collaboration is an issue our franchise customers often encounter in their previous solutions. Sugar has an easy-to-read list view on all its modules, making understanding data and assets easier.

Integrations and automation to make your life easier

No one likes doing boring, mindless, repetitive tasks. Sugar integrations and automation mean you save precious time where you’d usually be jumping from platform to platform or doing admin work you don’t want to be doing.


How we helped Shuttercraft

Like many franchises, Shuttercraft lacked consistency between franchisee business owners, and so they each had an incomplete view of their information. It was challenging for them to find the right solution for their very diverse company, so a bespoke CRM system such as the one created for them was a must. Shuttercraft’s Sugar platform is fully customised to meet their unique needs as a franchisor with multiple franchisees who have differing needs.

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