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A SugarCRM system alone is an extremely powerful tool for any business. However, when it’s combined with a SugarCRM add on, it truly makes success inevitable.

SugarCRM offers a range of powerful CRM solutions to allow your business to run as seamlessly as possible. Automation and integration capabilities mean that the platform does the work, letting you can focus on the tasks that matter.

SugarCRM is the perfect tool to enhance and improve your sales, marketing, and services in any company.

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1. Connect with your clients with the Zoom SugarCRM add on

Zoom, the leading modern video communication platform, has become essential in our everyday business lives. As with SugarCRM, we rely on it for many of our processes and procedures.

Integrating SugarCRM with Zoom enhances both systems hugely; saving you time and providing extended functionality.

With just one click, you can create and start Zoom meetings from SugarCRM. You’ll no longer need to deal with the hassles and complications of creating meetings in Zoom, sending them over to Sugar, and manually creating invites.

2. Identify key decision-makers with the Organisation chart for SugarCRM

When negotiating deals, you need to ensure that you’re building and maintaining relationships with the decision-makers. The Organisation chart for SugarCRM add on gives you a view of the organisational hierarchy of an Account or Contact at a glance.

You can shorten the sales process by contacting the influencers and key decision-makers directly. This SugarCRM add on also gives you more knowledge of the organisation, allowing you to strengthen the customer relationship.

Download the Organisation for SugarCRM add on to get started.

3. Create and manage events seamlessly with the enable events SugarCRM add on

Managing events can often be stressful and complicated, being stretched over multiple different platforms. However, with enable events, you can create and manage an event from start to finish in SugarCRM.

You can manage the following information with this SugarCRM add on:
  • Event type
  • Cost
  • Date and time
  • Invitees
  • Hosts
  • Invitation statuses

You can send custom invitations and reminders directly from SugarCRM, with all responses automatically logged to provide a 360-degree view of the event.

Revolutionise your event management with enable events – get started now.

SugarCRM add on

4. Customer map locator for SugarCRM add on

When your team are out and about, it’s crucial that they have an easy overview of where your prospects, leads, and customers are.

This SugarCRM add on allows you to create dashlets with the geolocations of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

You can also use the Customer map locator SugarCRM add on for reporting. The dashlet is automatically added and shows prospects, competitors, partners, customers, resellers, and more with clear icons.

Click here to download this Sugar add on.

5. Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enhances the features and functionality of LinkedIn for finding prospects and leads and leveraging information on contacts. When paired with SugarCRM, this tool is even more powerful.

The Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the information you’re missing throughout the sales process.

If you’d like to learn more about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator SugarCRM add on, please contact us.

Features include:
  • Icebreakers – you can find commonalities between the sales rep and the lead e.g shared connections. This builds trust and strengthens relationships.
  • News – stay up to date on all news related to a specific organisation.
  • Recommended leads – this allows you to prioritise people to reach out to, you can then save these leads directly to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Related leads – you can find similar leads or those which match against your Lead Builder criteria.

6. Close deals quicker with the DocuSign connector SugarCRM add on

DocuSign is an online platform to make the agreement and contract process quicker and simpler. Connecting it with SugarCRM however, means that your team can close deals even faster.

The Sugar Connector to DocuSign provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashlet that gives you a quick overview of what documents need to be sent and managed. This can be added to any module, giving you complete flexibility and freedom. You can also track the status of documents directly in SugarCRM, and receive automated alerts to notify you of completion.

This SugarCRM add on saves you time and effort by keeping your documents in one secure, centralised place. You won’t need to switch browsers, or open external systems – everything you need to win deals is there at the click of a button.

If you’d like to learn more about the DocuSign SugarCRM add on, we’d be more than happy to help – contact us.

7. Track your communication with enable engage

Having a view of your communication with clients is key to a personalised customer experience.

enable engage is a powerful, intuitive communication SugarCRM tool that allows you to gain insight into how your team is corresponding with others.

It automatically displays the last time you made a call, sent an email, or held a meeting.

8. Add+ Intelligence Reports

Reporting is one of SugarCRM‘s most powerful features. It allows you to gain insight and uncover data to support strategic decisions.

The Add+ Intelligence Reports SugarCRM add on extends this functionality, allowing you to add dynamic reports to the Intelligence Panel in the Reports module. Not only does this mean that you can have an instant view of your information, but it also saves you time and effort from creating a new report each time you need to gain an overview.

You can see your information update without leaving the page you are on.

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9. Streamline your data with the DeDupit SugarCRM add on

Keeping the data in your CRM accurate and streamlined will allow for the best user adoption with the highest usage rates.

The DeDupit SugarCRM add on keeps your SugarCRM system in perfect shape by detecting duplicate data. You can set your own detection rules, so they can be completely bespoke to your business requirements.

Duplicates can be resolved manually or automatically, and can then be reported on to see what has been found, merged, or ignored.

Did you know? You can even detect duplicates when they have been mistyped or misspelt, thanks to the duplicate detection rule configuration. You can define if the duplicates need to match exactly, or if they are ‘fuzzy’.

10. WebToModule SugarCRM add on

Webforms are an efficient way to capture information. Whether you’re creating a landing page, giving customers a place to create support cases, or entering leads, the WebToModule add on can record information and send it directly to SugarCRM.

Features of the WebToModule SugarCRM add on:
  • Duplicate checking
  • Google reCaptcha – this prevents spam
  • Auto-response email notifications
  • Custom fields for the form
  • Ability to collect documents
  • Assign the records to specific users or groups

There is a huge range of SugarCRM add on products and tools that you can use to boost your system to the next level.

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