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SugarCRM is a platform that is always evolving; giving you the ability to build a system as comprehensive or as simple as you need.

The range of platforms gives businesses a centralised place to operate, whether that’s throughout their entire organisation, for sales teams, service teams, marketing teams, or other departments. With a vast amount of automation and integrations available to streamline your processes, SugarCRM is renowned for helping businesses achieve success. has been partnered with SugarCRM for over 16 years, providing a range of services from implementation through to development and technical support.

We’re so excited about the release of Sugar 11.2 – available on SugarCloud only, it brings a wealth of new features and functionalities to use in your system where you need. 

We’ve put together a list of our favourite features included in this update, and created a video to show you the features in action. However, if you’d like a more personalised demo, please contact us.

1. Dark mode is here!

For those of you who are always lowering their screen brightness – this feature, brought by SugarCRM 11.2, is perfect for you.

According to Night Eye, 82.7% of surveyed people use their operating system’s dark mode. Switch your SugarCRM system to dark mode to see contrasting colour themes. You can even upload a secondary logo to make sure your branding is consistent, whether you prefer dark mode or light mode!

2. Create documents with a click – SugarCRM 11.2 brings Doc Merge

The new Doc Merge feature within SugarCRM 11.2 allows you to pull information from your SugarCRM records into professional documents such as summaries, contracts, letters, NDA agreements, labels, and schedules. 

Not only does this allow you to save time and effort from manually creating and inputting information into document templates, but it also ensures consistent accuracy. You can create and export these documents as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and PDF files, without having to leave your SugarCRM platform at any point. 

This is especially helpful when you need a quick overview pulled together without having to trawl through data manually.

For example, if you’re having a meeting with a customer to discuss their recent support desk cases, you can use the Doc Merge to generate a PDF with lists all company details and case-based information such as issue, resolution, all communications related to the case and any other data that’s important to you.

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Or, if you’re onboarding a new customer, and part of your process is to send an NDA, SugarCRM 11.2 allows you to easily produce a branded document, pulling in information personalised to the client using data in SugarCRM. Exporting to DOCX format gives even greater control before sending, or you can export to a PDF for ease and speed.

3. The new and improved Calendar Module

SugarCRM 11.2 brings a completely new, transformed Calendar module. The new Calendar is modern, clear, and allows you to see all information over a period of time.

You can create singular Calendars to show events from almost any module, and then you can overlay the Calendars to give a complete overview of all tasks, opportunities, events, meetings, calls, and more.

SugarCRM 11.2

You can even define unique colours for different types of calendar events. Not only does this make it clearer for you and your team what’s happening in a certain time period, but it also adds a visual aspect that helps with user adoption. 

You can drill through to each event by clicking and export any Calendar view as a PDF or iCal. 

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4. Internal notes for calls and meetings in SugarCRM 11.2

The SugarCRM 11.2 update brings an internal notes field for calls and meetings, making it easier for your team to log important information in your CRM. These internal notes are only visible to internal SugarCRM users.

5. Action buttons turn manual processes into a one-click automation

Action Buttons are custom buttons that can be added to records to enable users to perform quick actions directly from records such as sending an email, creating or editing a related record, or opening an external web page.

They’re shortcuts to whatever task takes you time; the platform can now do the work for you. You can chain multiple actions to one Action Button, simplifying a whole manual process into one click.

Action Buttons can be configured to how you need them, whether that’s with colour, labels, or icons. This allows you to keep consistency throughout your SugarCRM system. The easier the platform is to use, the more your team will use it. This cycle of an easy to use platform increasing user adoption leads to more data and insights being produced by the system, and therefore increased ROI and success.

SugarCRM 11.2’s Action Buttons are also subject to Team and Role Management – an essential feature in SugarCRM that controls who can see, edit, and action certain data.

6. Escalations Module

Escalations don’t just stop at support cases. With the SugarCRM 11.2 Escalations Module, you can bring attention to accounts, bugs, and more to make sure that they are prioritised efficiently. You can then track these escalations within the Module to ensure that they are managed correctly.

For example, if you have a large account that requires a lot of nurturing and care, you can escalate it and ensure that your team stay on top of all communication consistently.

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*Please note that these features may apply to Sell, Serve, or Enterprise only.