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Business success is undoubtedly powered by a combination of several things; a passionate workforce, streamlined processes, and automated systems.

A carefully chosen, automated system can provide both of these things. A passionate workforce is empowered and motivated when they can focus on the tasks that matter, rather than spending time on manual data input. Along with this, an automated system gives you the ability to streamline your processes through AI and business process management.

What is Sugar Sell CRM?

Sugar Sell CRM is the perfect platform for driving your business to success. It’s a sales-focused Customer Relationship Management system to give you a centralised place to boost revenue and close deals. With features designed carefully with the end-user in mind, it’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate in every aspect. 

Close deals quicker with Sugar Sell CRM

Increasing deal quantity, quality, and velocity are made easy with Sugar Sell CRM. 

Without a powerful Customer Relationship Management system, you may experience a lack of sales management which makes it harder for your team to be productive. Low productivity means low amounts of opportunities, and low motivation to close them. However, Sugar Sell CRM gives you a complete overview of all accounts, leads, opportunities, quotes whilst making relationships and connections clear to see.

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The custom integrated quote management feature allows you to build the perfect proposal for a client – you have everything you need to personalise and tailor it to their needs, giving you a higher chance of closing. This sets you apart from your competitors and shows the customer that you can solve their exact problems.

Sugar Sell CRM

Guarantee renewal success and revenue

According to Forbes, it can cost up to 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. That’s why it’s important to nurture your customers and ensure that they renew their subscription-based services consistently. Sugar Sell CRM has a built-in Renewals Console that allows your team to manage the renewals process in one centralised place.

It allows you to open an Account Details drawer when clicking through to an account in the Renewals Console, which gives you all of the information you need in an instant. This makes it easy for your team to communicate proactively with your clients.

Sugar Sell CRM’s Renewals Console gives you peace of mind that your customers are happy to renew your services and that the revenue associated is automatically forecasted for. 

The Account Details drawer contains four dashlets:
  • The Account Record Dashlet – allowing you to see the account at a glance
  • Comment Log Dashlet – giving you relevant chronological updates from your team members
  • Active Subscriptions Dashlet – providing a clear bar chart visualisation of the account’s subscription services, including start and end dates
  • Account Interactions Dashlet – letting your team see an account’s communications at every stage

Create an integrated platform for your team

You may currently use a variety of different systems that your team has to work between – understandably, one platform may not be able to cover everything you need. However, choosing one centralised place to work from that can integrate seamlessly with your other systems makes it easy for your staff to produce their best results consistently.

Sugar Sell CRM integrates seamlessly with:
  • Finance and accounting software
  • Marketing platforms
  • Project management systems
  • Electronic signature and document tools
  • SMS platforms

Get started with a CRM that enables your business to thrive.

All of these features and functionalities combined, using Sugar Sell CRM, lead to the ultimate business objective: success. 

If you’d like to see the platform in action, you can book in time with our specialists – request this here.