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With so many processes and tasks that need to be completed in such a fast-paced world, it’s crucial that you let your software work for you – rather than you working for your software. We focus on helping you use your time on the tasks that matter; automating your manual processes to turn them into slick, streamlined background activities. Not only will software automation save you time and prevent human error, but it’ll also help your team to engage with your software. This will make onboarding and adoption a breeze.

Software automation is truly one of the things we’re best at – whether it’s within CRM, a work OS, marketing automation, or communication platforms.

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Lead software automation can allow you to make the most of every opportunity

Entering leads into your system manually is a task that can take up huge amounts of time – there’s also the chance of human error, meaning you may be losing out on opportunities.

Your team may become fatigued quickly from this also, reducing their enthusiasm to use the system and, in turn, reducing the quality of data inputted.

Luckily, with our flexible solutions and carefully-designed software automation, we can ensure each lead that comes in is routed to exactly where they need to be. This also removes the mundane task of manually entering and sorting them.

Making communication with your leads quickly and efficiently is also a key step of their journey with you. As soon as they come in, you need to ensure you’re beginning the nurturing process.

They need to be matched to the most appropriate member of your team to ensure you’re making the most of every opportunity.

Your leads can be routed to the best salesperson depending on their type, size, location, or any factor that is important to your business through the perfect solution for you.

They can be assigned in a round-robin style, so everyone has the same workload. You can even configure certain teams, so only leads of a particular product or level will be assigned to a team.

Make sure your leads are sorted with software automation the second they enter your system. Don’t wait to organise your leads – book in a free consultation now.

Time-based automation does the remembering for you

To-do lists and calendars can get very full, very quickly, with ‘send this on this date’, ‘do this when this date passes’, and ‘send this every time this happens’. Not only does this take up a huge amount of your time, but this also means that there is a possibility of tasks being missed.

When you’re marketing your business, time is a very important element. Whether you’re sending out an email campaign, or you’re scheduling social media posts, you need to make sure your activity is automated. We can ensure that your marketing is organised and controlled, with you deciding what happens within a certain timeframe. Then, once that time or date arrives, everything is taken care of through software automation.

Possible automations:
  • Customer notifications
  • Internal alerts
  • Renewals and subscriptions
  • Payments and finance
  • Invoicing
  • Contract generation
  • Opportunity generation
  • Tasks
  • Account management
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media

Our solutions can take these processes and schedule them in, automatically. For example; a lead enters your system, and an email is sent to them straight away to thank them for making contact. After 4 days, they’re sent another email, to keep them engaged. They download a whitepaper; they’re sent an email to give them more information. As a result of this, they’ve been kept warm and you’re much more able to progress opportunities.

This level of software automation will hugely boost your business in all areas. Arrange a free 1-hour consultation to learn more.

Status and field change automation takes care of admin duties

One of the most simple, but helpful software automations looks at status and field changes. They can be as modest as ‘when status changes to Done, move this item to the archive’, or as complex as ‘when status changes to Todo, the assigned person is sent a notification, the item is moved to the In progress group, and time tracking is automatically started’.

You’re even able to have formulas calculated by the input of information, removing any possibility of error. It’ll replace Excel sheets and calculators, saving you valuable time and effort – letting you focus on the tasks that matter.

The possibilities of software automation really are endless. Whether you’re wanting to automate a few steps of your process, or if you’d prefer a no-touch procedure from start to finish; we’re here to help.