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Are you looking for software that can manage your entire business in one centralised place? You’re in the right place. Many companies find that working out of several different platforms isn’t efficient for them, and I’d tend to agree. Although other software systems can bring unique functionality, working out of more than one system can lead to fragmented data and broken communication. We help more businesses operate from minimal software solutions to streamline their processes and centralise their communication.

A workspace for all departments

Collaboration across departments is so important going into 2022 – it allows different individuals to share ideas and experiences to improve decision-making. Whether you’re looking to communicate with an individual, a team, or your entire business, makes it easy for you to have direct and transparent conversations. Using a platform that drives communication ensures that every employee’s voice is heard and improves engagement. 

What departments will benefit from using

All of them! You can use for a variety of processes and functions. Businesses use the platform for Marketing, Sales, IT, Events, HR, Customer Success and more.

How can it help your department?

Marketing: Create content calendars, marketing plans and campaigns inside of Easily track the progress of tasks and report on results.

Sales: Capture leads, track sales pipelines and manage contacts all in one place. Support customer projects efficiently and keep people up-to-date in real-time.

IT: Get a bird’s eye view of all your IT projects at a glance in a software solution that’s highly secure and fully compliant. Implement new systems, coordinate requirements with stakeholders, and integrate properly with your current apps.

Events: Plan and manage all your events on one platform. Oversee event registration, coordinate all of your tasks and monitor your progress in real-time.

HR: Streamline internal planning and coordination with hiring managers. Easily track where candidates are in the process with a record of each stage. 

Customer success: Stay up-to-date with your customers’ projects and deliver personalised account management calls relevant to your customers.

Why use for your entire business? helps your business scale with greater efficiency. Easily customise the platform to fit the needs of your organisation. Never have to worry about the safety of your data again because has built-in security and compliance.

Effectively onboard new employees with’s HR capabilities and ensure that they love using the system internally. Plan individual workloads as well as a team’s workloads. Automate routine tasks, visualise your projects and gain data-driven insights.

“We love the fact that that system is highly customisable, which ensures that it’s consistently meeting our needs as our company grows.”

Rosie Blyth | Producer at Interactive Workshops

How will it benefit your business?

  • Align departments
  • Manage large projects
  • Scale faster
  • Report on activity
  • Work collaboratively

Increase agility as you scale

By implementing a work operating system across your entire business, you’ll have more time to focus on where your SMB is heading in the future and prepare for growth. It’s important that whilst scaling you ensure that your business’ values are protected and your employees enjoy their work. Using for your organisation will provide a centralised workspace where all your complex, cross-functional processes can be managed with agility and speed.

Are you interested in learning how can be implemented across your entire business?