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No matter how good a company is at controlling costs, hiring talented employees, and developing innovative products, few brands succeed without putting customers first. With major brands extending their service hours and assisting customers via telephone, email, online chat, and other methods, customer expectations are higher than ever.

Many companies struggle to deliver excellent customer service because they don’t systematically identify customers’ needs. This means that they miss the opportunity to solicit feedback and find out how their products or services performed after the sale. In some companies, customer service representatives lack the tools they need to make a real difference.

SugarCRM makes it easy to address these challenges, ensuring that every company has the opportunity to develop a systematic approach to customer service.

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Reducing response times

Average response time is one of the most important customer service metrics in any industry. It’s especially important for companies that must abide by service-level agreements which focus on response and resolution times.

Sugar Serve has several features that are designed to reduce response times and ensure users are abiding by any service-level agreements in place. The software utilises case distribution tools to help managers assign each ticket to the appropriate team.

These tools also make it easy for managers to sort tickets according to their urgency, enabling representatives to respond to the most pressing requests right away.

Serve can pull information from Sugar Sell, customer contracts, and other documents, making it easier to prioritise tickets based on the terms of each service-level agreement. Serve offers dynamic alerts and reporting tools, giving managers the information they need to identify bottlenecks and make sure team members are meeting scheduled milestones.

Empowering service agents with better tools and knowledge

The Sugar platform is a three-in-one sales, marketing, and customer service solution that empowers representatives to make every interaction a positive one. Tools like SugarLive allow customer service professionals to be in-tune with customers and easily surface the information they need with historical context.

Giving your support agents a platform to centralise all of their cases improves their efficiency and organisation, in turn boosting productivity.

Now that artificial intelligence is integrated with key business technology like CRM, changing trends and events can be proactively planned for. With the launch of SugarPredict, creating the first artificial intelligence-powered CRM, customer service leaders can step in before customers churn.

Reducing inbound call volumes

Reducing inbound call volume allows representatives more time to work on revenue-generating activities, making it essential for firms in every industry to find better ways to serve customers.

SugarCRM has a mobile-friendly portal that allows customers to create tickets, check the status of open cases, and review their account histories, eliminating the need for them to call and speak with a live agent. You can also create online knowledge bases, reducing the workload for live agents and leaving them with more time to focus on other activities.

For simpler issues, this is also preferable to a lot of customers. They don’t need to spend the time on the phone or sending emails – they can quickly check the knowledge base to resolve their query.

Prioritising and routing cases

It’s difficult to maintain a balanced workload when a manager is assigning cases manually, and an unbalanced approach tends to lead to reduced morale. SugarCRM has several tools to help managers distribute cases evenly, ensuring that no single agent is overloaded with work.

With dynamic workflows, managers can route cases based on capacity, team expertise, and urgency, ensuring that every case is closed as quickly as possible. SugarCRM also makes it possible to create multiple support queues, ensuring that each ticket is assigned to an agent with the expertise needed to resolve the issue and satisfy the customer.

Boost your customer service

Now that we’re living in the digital age, customers expect top-notch service every time they interact with one of your employees. Expectations are higher than ever, so it’s important to use tools that help representatives deliver better service every time they interact with customers.