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Are you looking for an order management system, or maybe you’re just curious about what one is? You’re in the right place!

We are monday.com’s UK Platinum Partner, and we use the platform in-house. In this blog, we will discuss how to use monday.com for order management and how it would benefit your business.

What’s order management?

Order management is the practice of managing customer orders, and it involves all the activities from the moment a customer places an order through to the delivery of the product. 

The main goal of this process is to help you track, manage, and cost-effectively deliver orders, but also to keep your customers happy — by delivering orders faster, you’ll increase customer satisfaction.

Why is order management critical for the success of your business?

Without a proper sales order management process in place, you’ll probably end up trailing behind your competitors. Using monday.com for order management means that you can set up notifications when an order is placed (but that’s just the beginning of its functionality)!

You also need to be able to deliver fast delivery times, store information from previous customers and follow up with them to promote recurring sales. 

How can order management software help your business?

In today’s day and age, most businesses use multiple channels to reach their customers, including email marketing, social media, search engines, influencers, etc.

But multichannel order management can be a huge challenge for teams.

Without a system that helps you understand which of these channels is bringing sales (as well as keeping your inventory organised), you’ll struggle to make sense of your data.

monday.com is an order management system that consolidates all your orders and customer information into a single and reliable source of truth. monday.com helps you build an interconnected “ecosystem” to manage your order processing, oversee your inventory, and improve the customer experience — all while optimising your costs.

Why your business needs monday.com

Inventory management

Sort out your inventory your way. Using monday.com, your team will always know what’s in stock, giving your customers a realistic timeline for purchases.

We recently wrote a blog about how you can set up monday.com to help manage your inventory. If you missed it, don’t worry – check it out here!

Team delegation

Imagine if your store management software could delegate tasks to team members! With monday.com, you can assign anything to anyone in your workforce. It could be a small task that is part of a bigger store management project. Once you have assigned owners, you can set priorities and see how long each task takes to complete.

Shipping tracking

Your order management software should give you a birdseye view of your shipping. What’s the status of your shipping? When was it sent, and where is it going? monday.com can handle all of this data for your business with ease. You can check the status, date, and delivery details of orders with the help of some pretty colour-coded boards. And it’s customisable for both incoming and outgoing inventory.

Reports and dashboards

You’ve got all of this data coming into your business day in and out, like orders, contacts, postcodes, names, phone numbers, emails, etc. If you don’t use this data to improve your decision-making, you could be leaving opportunities on the table. For example, you could use zip code data to understand which cities buy the most products and focus your marketing budget there.

By using monday.com, you’ll be able to create fully customisable dashboards full of your favourite reports. This enables you to access your insights with the click of a button.

Order forms

Streamline all relevant order information using a customisable form. Easily share this form with all stakeholders to track orders from initial request to final delivery. Organise your orders in a visual way to avoid any potential errors. Easily access your order information and monitor all moving parts at a glance. Receive real-time status updates and notifications to know where everything stands at all times so nothing ever falls through.

Seamless integrations 

Nowadays, most businesses rely on different platforms and apps to manage and implement their processes. This includes marketing automation software, CRMs, live chat apps, project management tools, etc. To get the most out of your order management efforts, your software must integrate with all of these tools.

Level up your order management game

Now that you understand what order management is and how the right software can revolutionise the way you approach this process, it’s time to put that information into practice. In today’s world, no business can handle the increasing volume of orders manually. To compete, you must embrace technology. If you’re looking for a platform you can start using fast, monday.com might be a good fit for you.