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SugarCRM has released three new editions of Sugar Sell: Sell Essentials, Sell Advanced, and Sell Premier.

With these new editions, SugarCRM is shifting its focus to solutions that meet your exact business needs as opposed to focusing on the features and functions of CRM as they have previously done.

Sell Essentials

With lead, accounts, contact, and opportunity management, Sell Essentials can help you maintain a 360-degree view and manage your pipeline with ease. Sell Essentials gives you an easy path to Sell Advanced when you need to benefit from additional features such as third-party integrations to accelerate your business’ growth.

Sell Essentials provides basic support and allows a minimum of three and a maximum of five users.

Sell Advanced

Pre-packed with select AI capabilities, Sell Advanced offers easy integration with numerous third-party apps, built-in process management capabilities, and intelligent lead prioritisation. This means that the time it takes for your team to do repetitive tasks is reduced, letting your sales team focus on their customers.

Sell Advanced provides standard support and has a minimum of three users.

Sell Premier

SugarCRM’s cloud-based CRM solution offers users sales force automation capabilities and built-in AI. This powerful CRM system will empower your sales team to deliver a more meaningful customer buying experience in addition to shortening sales cycles, increasing efficiency, and driving revenue. 

Sell Premier not only gives you faster and easier insights into changes in your forecasts but also allows you to automatically sync Gmail or Outlook data, such as meetings, with your CRM platform. The geo-mapping feature means that you can see which of your accounts and leads are in close proximity to each other and you can then plot these on a map to chart the most efficient route.

Sell Premier provides enhanced support, and has a minimum of ten users.

If you have any further questions regarding the new Sugar Sell editions, please feel free to contact us.