Discover the true power of collaboration with monday workdocs

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monday workdocs is a great feature for anyone who loves to stay organised! Connect and collaborate with your team in one centralised place where you can brainstorm, plan and execute great work.

A monday workdoc is a flexible, multimedia whiteboard where you and your team can take notes and work on ideas together. Instead of writing things up in a notebook and having lots of pieces of paper lying around, you’ll now have a place to log all your information that others can access.

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Collaborate live with monday workdocs 

Co-edit documents in real-time, making collaboration easier than ever. Drag dashboards and graphs into monday workdocs so you can see all of your information on one sheet. Every component you add is automatically synced and updated as you work.

Whatever project you’re working, monday workdocs will allow you to pull in every piece of data that relates to that task, saving people time and effort.

Why monday docs offer more than a traditional doc

Stop using traditional documents and upgrade to monday workdocs, so that you work through a real-time engine. Allow hundreds of people to seamlessly work on the same task at the same time. Tag members of your team so ownership is clear, and through one notification, they can access your work. Have multiple people working simultaneously on any doc, ending the need for sending files back and forth to one another. You can receive comments and assign tasks to other people through live updates, knowing they’ll be accountable for different parts of the project. Create visual checklists to help keep your ideas organised and on time so no task gets forgotten. 

Teams love using monday workdocs because of its easy-to-use editor; simply drag and drop your relevant items and edit tasks in real-time. monday workdocs has peace of mind at the heart of its feature because it autosaves all your work!

How to add a new workdoc?

Similar to how you’d add a new board or dashboard, you can add a workdoc within the workspace panel. Simply click ‘Add’ and then select ‘New workdoc.’ After you’ve named it, you will need to choose what type of workdoc you want to use. 

What types of workdocs can you use?

Main workdoc – visible to everyone on your account. You can choose whether you want the person to be an admin, a member or a viewer.

Private workdoc – only seen by you. You also have the option to invite specific members to your doc, but not guests. 

Shareable workdoc – share information with people outside your company, such as client, interns, freelancers and any other type of guest.

After choosing your workdoc type, that’s it – you’re now ready to start creating your first workdoc. 

Do you want to include your workdoc within a board?

Not only is there the option to create a free-standing workdoc, you can also attach a workdoc within an item on your board. This is great if you’ve created a workdoc with meeting notes on or extra information to do with a project; by attaching it within the file column, you can keep it in context with the relevant board. To set this up, make sure you have a Files Column on your board and select the monday workdoc you want to upload. 

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