’s latest product updates’s latest product updates

After’s recent announcement that they’ve gone public, we wanted to share some of their most recent product updates with you! Since we partnered with in 2017, the platform has excelled in meeting our customers’ needs, and is always adding new features!

What’s new on

Llama Farm Widget

Who knew that llamas could get even better? Now you can view the status distribution of your tasks in the form of a llama farm. For each Item on your board, the colour of the llama will represent its status.

To add the Llama Farm Widget to your Dashboard, click ‘+ Add Widget’ at the top left corner and then click ‘More’ to launch the Dashboards Center. Secondly, find the ‘Llama Farm’ by searching for it or scrolling through the Widgets and add it to your Dashboard.  

Filter recipes by keywords

There is now the ability to filter recipes by different keywords according to their abilities. Now, you no longer need to spend time scrolling through all of the recipes to find the exact one you want. 

Automations can now push dates by business days

Seeing as everyone’s work-week is different, have added the ability to choose to push days forwards or backwards by business days, no matter what day you start your week. 

Clapping and emoji creation chrome extension’s new meeting engagement tool brings enthusiasm and fun to your video conferences. By adding this new Chrome extension, you can display different emojis and even hear the sound of a round of applause during online meetings. Allowing your participants to virtually clap and send emoji reactions makes meetings all the more engaging.

Item Cards

Visualise all of your Item’s information in one centralised place. The Item Card works by gathering the data from your existing columns and displays it in the form of a Card – this is particularly useful if your board has lots of columns. 

To install the Item Card, visit the Item and click ‘Add View.’ Next, find the Item Card View and click ‘Add Widget.’ If you want to remove any of the columns from your Item Card, click the eye icon and deselect those you don’t want to see. Once you’ve set the Item Cards up how you want them, you can start managing your columns from the cards. 

Please note: supported columns are: Email, Location, Text, Status, People, Numbers, Date, Long Test, Connect Boards, and Phone.

Hide columns in the Table Widget

Now you can hide columns from your Table Widget; there’s no over-crowding and redundant information. By clicking into the widget settings, you can select which columns you want to see and which ones you want to hide. This means that you get the most up-to-date and relevant data at a glance.

Move subitems between Items

This subitem update is a time saver! No longer have to re-write subitems on different items; instead, easily drag and drop them onto the relevant update. Subitems make it easy for you to break down larger projects into small, trackable tasks.

We’re really enjoying using the new feature updates and hope this blog empowers your business to get the most out of your system.

If you need any help implementing these new features or with in general, contact us through our professional services page.