’s latest feature updates’s latest feature updates is always fine-tuning features and taking user feedback onboard. These new features include:

  • New look for the board permissions centre
  • Delete/Move Items permissions
  • Improved mentions suggestions
  • Restoring subitem columns through the recycle bin

The Permission Centre

The board permission centre has recently got a bit of a facelift, maybe you’ve noticed? The main changes include a permissions summary checklist on the righthand side, showing you exactly what a non-board owner can and can’t do on a specific board. The summary will change per the selected option, thus giving you a clear view of what each selection contains.

how to edit board permissions

The edit by assignee permission has also been revamped with a new, clean look. The board owner’s steps to configure the assignee columns are now clearer and easier to follow. This look distinguishes between the ‘edit by item’ assignees and the ‘edit by subitem’ assignees.

Permissions have also changed relating to items. Until recently, item permissions were included in the board permissions and could not be managed independently. With these new permissions, you can supervise the moving and deletion of items specifically, allowing more control.

Mention suggestions have also improved their mention suggestions. With the new updated feature, the prioritised mention suggestion that appears when writing an update will include the user who created the item and any users who appear in people columns connected to the item. Equally, when you write a reply, the mention suggestion will include the user who wrote the original update and the last user to post a reply.

Restoring deleted columns

We all delete stuff we don’t mean to from time to time and so the ability to restore subitem columns is crucial. In the same way you restore a regular column, you can now restore deleted subitem columns through the recycle bin.

This is done by clicking on your avatar, then on ‘Recycle bin’ and restoring the column you deleted.

how to restore deleted subitem columns

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