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Did you know that brands with a presence on three or more social media channels sell nearly three times as many products as those who don’t? With lots of content to create and, in some cases, a small marketing team, this can be tricky and hard to accommodate.

No matter how organised you are, some things slip through the net when you’re trying to keep up to date with new social trends and conversations. With a social media management tool like monday.com, you’ll never have to worry about having too much on because it does the hard work for you.

Plan, track and organise all of your social media campaigns within one platform.

Start with an easy-to-use, free template and customise it with your chosen social media platforms.

Add actions items, reorder based on priority and create a tailored plan to fit your needs. Assign team members to social media posts or blogs and monitor the progress every step of the way.

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The benefits of using monday.com for social media management

Did you know?

Research shows that writing down what you need to do in a checklist can prompt your brain to focus more clearly, stay organised, and perform better at work. 

Effective checklists

monday.com’s checklist feature is really handy if you want to break down your social media plan into smaller, more actionable tasks. Under a specific item, for example, ‘social post,’ you can add an update that lists all of the stages that you need to complete to create the content. Easily tick each one off as you go and feel proud of your accomplishments! Social media management is supposed to be fun for the people creating the posts; having checklists to complete makes it feel like an achievement each time you update monday.com. 

File collaboration

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, monday.com centralises all of your files in one platform. Having a social media management tool means that you’ll be able to manage your own creative assets and client assets. Easily find any file within seconds through monday.com’s powerful search function. Empower your team members by giving feedback on the content they’ve uploaded through the updates section on an item – collaboration has never been more easy!

The calendar view

Having published dates on your social media board will mean that you can see where everything stands at a glance. monday.com’s calendar view will show you which posts are going out on which day. By assigning a colour per social media channel, you can also easily see where the posts will be published without clicking into anything to find out more information. The calendar view also offers a split view where you can see your board at the same time if you’re looking for the full details of your social media schedule. This type of social media management works great for teams that want to collaborate and stay organised efficiently. 

Facebook Ads Integration 

Manage your social media campaigns and collect leads all in one place with the Facebook and monday.com Integration. Over a set period, you can continuously sync each Facebook campaign to monday.com, ensuring that you always have up-to-date information when you need it. When a form is submitted through a Facebook ad, you can create an automation that makes a new item on your monday.com board. This way, you can track all of the relevant communication and activity with that lead.

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The benefits of social media Integrations:
  • Centralised data within one platform
  • Collaboration with other teams
  • File sharing
  • Organisation of multiple channels
  • Reporting on results
  • Feedback on projects
LinkedIn Integration 

Directly create and share posts from monday.com onto your LinkedIn account with this powerful Integration. LinkedIn social media management has become simple with monday.com’s automations – when a date arrives or status is changed, you can automatically create a new post and share it. The LinkedIn Integration column will show you when the post has successfully been created, and if you wanted to be even more efficient, you could connect it to your status column so that it updates automatically to ‘done.’

Using monday.com for social media management means that you’ll have increased visibility across all of your teams and be able to manage every person’s content at a high-level view.