’s latest features!’s latest features! are constantly improving their platform, and at the end of 2021, they brought out various new, awesome features!

Workdocs updates

Templates: Now, you can create doc templates and use them just like you would with boards! You create your doc as usual and save it as a template from the top menu (the three dots). 

Layouts and tables: Layouts are side by side content, you can add as many columns as you want, and they can contain any type of content inside You can also quickly add tables in your workdocs to help organise your information. 

Presentation mode: If you are showcasing your workdoc on an office TV or sharing your screen on a call, use the presentation mode. This comes with a new, slick interface, putting you in a view-only mode with a wider layout. layouts
Files gallery

The files gallery is now available in the updates section. You can easily drag and drop a file into this section and upload the file into an item, without having a file column at all! You can choose to add a file to the gallery itself, into the updates section or into a file column. All of your files within an item will be visible in the gallery, as it’s an aggregator for the item. 

Outlook calendar two-way sync

Now, you can sync the Outlook calendar two ways! It works by having a native integration that appears in the Integration Center. It includes three recipes. and outlook integration
The recipes

 1. Outgoing – From to Outlook Calendar (And sync all changes from 

 2. Outgoing – From to Outlook Calendar when a person column is assigned to someone (and sync all changes from 

 3. Incoming – From Outlook Calendar to (And sync all changes from Outlook Calendar)

Duplicate custom automations

You can now duplicate custom automations via the action menu on the right of the automation in the automations list. A copy of the selected automation will open in the custom automation builder for editing and modifying the new automation. Once you hit create, you’ll have the resulting copy. 

Request access to private boards

 To improve the experience of members encountering the “access denied” page when trying to load a private board they don’t have access to, we have added a “Request access” button, allowing members to request access straight from the page.

Clicking this button will send notifications to all owners of the board, showing the user requested access. Clicking the notification will direct the owner to the relevant board and will automatically open the subscriber’s dialogue.

Previously, when the members reached this page and eventually got access to the board, they had to find the link to the board again and use it. Now, a simple refresh on the access denied page will redirect the users to the board if they now have access to it.

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