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The construction industry faces many challenges day-to-day such as a lack of reliable communication, and collaboration, as well as stagnant productivity levels. A Work OS is a key factor in working to overcome these challenges as it enables you to effortlessly manage your projects while giving you the power to collaborate with your team. is a Work Operating System (OS) that helps you take care of your entire workload effortlessly in one platform in a way that works for you. Instantly share files, updates, RFIs, and feedback via‘s mobile app, and stay informed even in offline mode. With real-time updates, you can move quickly and respond rapidly to changes. is a perfect Work OS for the construction industry due to its emphasis on colleague collaboration, time-saving automations, and document management. This Work OS can be used to help manage construction projects and subcontractors, as well as give you a high-level view of projects all in one easy-to-use platform. automations

Easy automations

 We understand that the construction industry sometimes struggles to keep productivity levels high.‘s automations improve this greatly as they are code-free and easy to use. You can use these automations not only to save time but also to stay up-to-date with real-time updates on tasks. With this feature, you are able to set up notifications, move items to different groups or boards as well as create new items.

Integrations can integrate with multiple platforms including Outlook, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams in order to give you a streamlined and efficient workspace. These integrations empower you to share documents such as project plans, and work schedules with your team as well as stay up to date with meetings. With these easy to set-up integrations, your workload has never been easier to manage.

Stay informed on the go with’s mobile app

Fluidity is a key feature of all good construction software and does not fall flat on this aspect. We know that the ability to be able to keep track and manage projects from wherever you are is an important factor in keeping the construction industry working effectively and efficiently. The mobile app allows you to keep track of meetings on the go via your mobile calendar view. You are also able to update your projects from your phone, key to ensuring the field workers and the employees back in the office are in tune with each other. for construction workdocs

Collaborate with workdocs

The workdocs feature in means that you are able to connect, collaborate, and execute ideas and workflows all in one centralised place. Within workdocs you are able to co-edit in real-time, instantly share comments, as well as embed boards, dashboards, and videos directly. Each of these components is automatically synced as you work in order to give you real-time data. This is useful from a construction point of view as it allows users such as site managers to remain up-to-date on projects whether they’re onsite or offsite. 

Get a clear overview with dashboards‘s dashboard feature allows you to see a clear overview of a project within which you can track progress, timelines and budgets at a glance using widgets. The Gantt chart widget is especially useful for the construction industry as it enables you to plan a roadmap, track workloads, and manage resources across multiple boards. These dashboards are a great way to centralise your process. dashboard

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