Why do businesses use monday.com for HR?

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Having a comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform in your company makes HR management easy. The monday.com work OS provides a platform for organising your employees, recruitment, onboarding, and processes, all in one centralised place.

With visual dashboards, colourful statuses, and ready-made templates, monday.com makes it easy for you to manage your HR seamlessly. 

Simplified employee management

Keeping your staff details in a secure system is key to efficient employee management. With monday.com, you can organise your teams by department, location, or contract type. 

This removes the need for filing systems, folders, and complicated documents.

Instead, you have a clear, simple directory of all employee information, available at any time you need it.

What HR information can you manage with monday.com?
  • Name
  • Address
  • Length of employment
  • Contact details
  • Contract

Recruit new employees seamlessly with monday.com for HR

Businesses worldwide love monday.com for HR as it provides a place to track and manage candidates.

monday.com‘s built-in forms can be easily embedded into your website, without the need for any complex coding or configuration.

Your forms can be as simple or as complex as you need, with the ability to make fields required, add attachments, and multiple styles of fields, e.g. dropdowns. You can even incorporate your own branding into forms, giving you full flexibility and freedom.

monday.com for HR

When an applicant fills out your form, the details will be automatically pushed to your monday.com system for your review. 

You can then move each candidate into different stages whilst collaborating with your team in the Updates section, a built-in communication feature.

For example, you can categorise your applicants into interview stages, reviewing or unsuccessful.

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monday.com offers various different columns to feature within your boards, such as files – this allows you to place CVs, contracts, covering letters, and interview recordings all in one centralised place.

Status columns allow you to track where your applicants have come from, which in turn gives you insight into which promotional channels are working well and which need improvement.

You can use the rating column to score candidates or the voting column to allow your colleagues to give their input on different applicants. 

The monday.com email integrations mean that you can compose and send emails directly from your system so that you have all of the information there as and when you need it.

Whether you’re asking for more information, offering an interview, or sending a congratulatory ‘you’re hired’ email; you can do so without switching platforms. 

monday.com for HR

monday.com for HR makes onboarding a breeze

Onboarding new team members can be tricky for both the employer and the employee.

With a ready-made employee onboarding template, monday.com for HR allows your team to hit the ground running. Or, you can create your boards completely from scratch with your own business terminology and customisations. 

This gives your new team a place to refer back to at any point; a knowledge base of resources.

All forms and documents required can be attached to boards, making it easy for both the new starter and your existing employees.

Did you know? Over 125,000 teams use monday.com.

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