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One of the most popular reasons that so many businesses use is down to its automations. 

Being able to reduce your manual tasks that take up valuable time and resources allows your organisation to thrive, with happier staff, streamlined processes, and increased productivity.

Whether you’re an experienced user of, or you’re new to the platform, automations can optimise the way your business operates.

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What are automations? automations allow you to use an event to trigger an action.

For example, when you change the status of an item to ‘Needs reviewing’, it can notify the person who needs to review the item via email.

Within‘s Automations Centre, you can select Automation Recipes. These are pre-defined combinations of triggers and actions; the trigger being the item changing, and the action being what occurs automatically as a result of the trigger.

You can even create Custom Recipes; allowing you to map your specific business processes out in your system. automations
How do automations help?
  • They ensure nothing is missed, keeping your information correct at all times
  • Your team will be able to spend their time on the tasks that matter
  • They keep your processes flowing with no interruptions

How do you set up automations?

Getting started with automations is easy – no coding or complex configuration is required!

To add an automation, choose the board you wish to add it to and click on the ‘Add to board’ dropdown. From here, you can choose ‘Automation’. 

You’ll be taken to the Automations Centre, where you can navigate to the category you’re looking for. For example, if you want to set up email notifications, you can choose the Notifications category on the left-hand side.

Once you’ve picked the Automation Recipe from your chosen category, you can then add parameters into the underlined words.

You’re even able to add customised details – for example, if you’re creating a notification, you can choose what this notification will say when it arrives.

Once you’ve completed your automation, click ‘Add to board’ and watch take care of your tasks for you.

If you’d like to learn more about automations, or if you’d like to hire one of our experts to set them up for you:

Our top 5 automations

Get started quickly and easily with‘s huge range of ready-made automations.  We’ve put together our top 5 to ensure you hit the ground running with your system.

1. ‘When status changes to something, create an item in another board and connect them in the selected board’

We love this automation. Not only because of how customisable it is (you get to specify the item’s details completely) but also because it allows you to create a centralised database with all of your boards connected. This way, you can find information quickly and easily whilst knowing the relationship between the two pieces of data. 

2. ‘When date arrives and status is something, notify someone’

This automation, although short and simple, boosts efficiency and productivity massively. 

Our Renewals team uses this automation to track when they need to arrange a renewal meeting with a customer. It sends a customised reminder to the dedicated account manager.

3. ‘Every time period, create an item’

This automation is great for recurring tasks. This saves you huge amounts of time and effort.

It also allows you to avoid human error, so you’ll never forget a weekly, monthly, or yearly task again!

4. ‘When all items in this group have the status of something, notify someone’

This automation works really well for projects with different teams working on them.

For example, in an event-planning scenario, once the logistics team have confirmed the dates, times, and locations, each item can be marked as done, which will notify the marketing team to begin working on the next step of the project. automations

5. ‘When status changes to something, create a new group’

This automation is perfect for moving different tasks, aspects of a campaign, or processes across to different sections of a board.

Although these are our top 5, there are so many more pre-made automations that you can choose from to boost your boards to the next level. You can even take your workflows a step further using the Custom Recipes.

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