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You need to stand out from your competitors in the manufacturing industry because every product has been made somewhere in the world (probably more than once). Using a manufacturing CRM, you can provide great products to your customers and a great customer experience.

SugarCRM understands that manufacturing companies want to work out of one piece of software rather than having fragmented data within different tools. Use SugarCRM to take control of all your manufacturing channels, from distributors and dealers to products, services and even customers. Whatever you need, SugarCRM is the platform that will do the work for you. Accelerate your customer’s progress and deliver exceptional satisfaction throughout every interaction.

What benefits does SugarCRM offer the manufacturing industry?
  • Maintain quality standards – easily monitor product specs, materials, and warranties through a streamlined product catalogue.
  • Automate field operations – having a 360-degree view of your customer’s information will ensure that you can automate processes based on their location and division. 
  • Put security as a priority – collaborate with distributors personally and securely through a platform that enables you only to share the data your associates need to access. 

Focusing on AI technology to maximise your manufacturing potential

It’s time to uncover insights that are unique to your business. SugarPredict makes predictions that enable manufacturing businesses to make better decisions and focus on the highest priority sales activities. Easily identify customers that are most likely to churn, giving you time to focus on them in a strategic and personalised way. Improve customer engagement models through predictive case routing and real-time insights.

Avoid the time, cost, and technical expertise typically required for project-based AI with SugarPredict, a fully integrated deep learning platform that puts the power of AI in the hands of every business, no matter the size, business maturity, or technical sophistication.

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Manufacturing CRM

Turn leads into customers more frequently

Create extraordinary customer relationships with the most intelligent sales automation solution on the market. Understand your customer’s purchase history so that you can discover their future potential and cross-selling opportunities. When you streamline operations across sales, service and marketing, you’ll uncover shorter sales cycles, reduced costs and increased profits. Accelerate deals with AI-powered lead conversions, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and opportunity-close predictions – closing deals has never been easier. 

Get access to the right info at the right time

SugarCRM is easily configurable so you can stay connected to dealers, distributors, retailers and customers with custom workflow and processes, even across devices. Built-in tools remove blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks so every employee can focus more on delighting customers. By using SugarCRM, you’ll get complete, end-to-end visibility into your distributors and retailers journey.

Become more proactive in your approach to manufacturing with a CRM that does the work for you. SugarCRM will help you build better products, collaborate between departments, target the right industries, and create personalised messaging. 

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How transform manufacturing businesses

Our experience lies within architecting, building, and deploying systems; and then providing professional services, if you need them. With businesses evolving so rapidly in today’s world, it’s crucial that your system can keep up with your requirements – and that’s why we use and provide SugarCRM. We spend time understanding your businesses goals and find ways to help you achieve them through software.