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The Franchise industry faces the challenge of implementing an idea, a set of rules, or unified branding across an entire franchise chain. With an effective management platform such as, you can complete everything easier and in one centralised place.

Introducing is a Work Operating System (WorkOS) that resolves your Franchise challenges. The system organises all materials in one place within a specific context. This defines clear rules that are accessible to everyone and facilitates collaboration on new idea implementation. You can also track and follow the progress of any process. dashboard on a computer

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The relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee is crucial. Both parties must work together, respect and understand their respective roles. To maintain a strong relationship in franchise management, every interaction needs to be well-structured and accessible. provides relationship transparency, organisation and ownership.

A centralised system to manage a franchise is a centralised location where you can share all materials needed to manage a franchise. It allows franchise owners to create information boards where processes are trackable. Then, they can share them with franchisees where they can comment on anything they need to fulfil their processes. Communicate with them in context, invite feedback, ask questions, and manage their processes better. provides franchisees with all tools they need to synchronise their teams to streamline their business processes. Success Story: RayWhite

RayWhite is Australasia’s biggest real estate franchise with over 880 offices globally. From starting as a small family business, RayWhite is now one of the biggest names in real estate. Over time, they became frustrated that could not find a CRM to fit their needs. But when introduced to, they expressed how it was a ‘game-changer’ for their business.

The system allowed the business to layer the CRM on top of how they were already using the Work OS. Implementing established automated workflows for the next two-three years increased efficiency by 70%. They use in various ways. Lead management, CRM, checklists, and managing their processes to name a few. As a result, with, RayWhite centralised everything.

Learn more about how helped RayWhite bridges the gap between franchisors and franchisees. It gives your team reliable communication tools and outlets for nurturing the relationship.

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