Introducing two brand new SugarCRM tools!

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We are thrilled to announce our new SugarCRM packages, enable engage, and enable events. These are add-ons for your SugarCRM system to enhance its functionality and improve your efficiency, designed and developed solely by our in-house infrastructure team.

enable engage for SugarCRM

enable engage is a powerful, intuitive communication SugarCRM tool that allows you to gain a better insight into how your team is corresponding with others, such as customers or suppliers. It automatically displays the last time you made a call, sent an email, or held a meeting with a record, in clear, easy-to-read fields within SugarCRM.

enable engage is perfect for:
  • Account management
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships
  • Ensuring that leads are kept warm

enable engage also allows you to quickly create lists of those who haven’t been contacted within a certain timeframe. This will ensure you’re always one step ahead.

Trial enable engage for free, for 30 days to see how it’ll transform your team’s communication and use of SugarCRM.

enable events for SugarCRM

The next product we have carefully created and produced is enable events. This SugarCRM package has been designed by our in-house teams to manage your events and bookings in the most efficient and straightforward way.

With enable events, you’re able to create and organise events, storing information such as the event type, the date, cost, times, the people involved, and invitation statuses. You can send custom invitations and reminders directly from SugarCRM, with responses automatically recorded.

These features will save you vast amounts of time, and provide you with a centralised hub for your event or booking. As a result of this, all details will be looked after and visible to those who need to see them.

See how enable events will transform your event management by clicking here for a free 30-day trial.

Benefits of enable events include:
  • It provides a centralised hub for all event details
  • It’s easy and stress-free to organise a booking
  • Invites are automatically logged, removing the need for manual duplication

Or, if you’d like some more information or have any questions, please contact us!

With enable engage, I can instantly see when a customer was last communicated with, without having to sort and check the various subpanels related to the record. It doesn’t sound much, but the time it saves me soon adds up!

Mike Gee, Solutions Configuration and Applications Specialist