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What is PMO? PMO, or Project Management Office, is a department within an organisation that establishes and maintains guidelines for project management whilst classifying and prioritising projects based on strategies.

For PMO to work in the most efficient, effective way, you must have the best software to suit your needs. Whether you’re tracking metrics, creating documentation, or sharing best practice, your platform needs to empower and enable you to produce the best work possible. allows for seamless PMO operations through a single platform. Being a powerful, flexible Work OS (Work Operating System), it gives teams to tools they need to collaborate, communicate, track processes and projects, share resources, and organise tasks – in an easy-to-use, visual way.

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Implementation of project management guidelines

Arguably one of the most essential parts of PMO is setting standardised guidelines for project managers to follow. This includes creating consistent frameworks, providing the same tools and resources to be used, and maintaining stable procedures for communication.

These processes must be organised together to ensure consistency in each project. This means they’ll be far easier to track and report on after completion. It’ll also be a lot more straightforward to move resources around as needed, which is crucial in PMO.

This is why so many businesses use for PMO guidelines. It allows for a smooth implementation and seamless rollout, from the very beginning.

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Column types available within that are perfect for PMO:
  • Files – make it easy for your team to access documents and resources by having a centralised place for each file
  • Status – know exactly where each project is at with a glance, or define your metrics with simple, colourful status columns
  • Weeks, dates, and hours – provide timings for your team to know when to execute something
  • People – assign team members to any item, showing who is responsible for what within a framework
  • Sub-items – break down processes for further clarity and detail
  • Text – add brief descriptions or detailed instruction for teammates
  • Checkboxes – gain a simple overview of completed tasks

You’re even able to turn a work process into a template – making it easy to ensure consistency.

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Tracking project management KPIs

Improving project success rates and PMO can be tricky when you’re not sure what it is exactly that’s holding them back. With, you’re able to set KPIs clearly and efficiently, giving you the opportunity to track each element of a project and then use this data to improve in the future.

A common way of tracking project management KPIs for PMO within is using the progress tracking column. The items marked as ‘done’ will be calculated and turned into a percentage – displaying it in a clear, visual view. This will give you a quick overview of where each person is with their KPIs.

You’re even able to communicate with your team within each target. This means that your conversations will always be easy to find and relevant. Colleagues or external guests can be tagged so they’re notified via their preferred channel. Gone are the days of missing emails in a flooded inbox! This also provides transparency and gives an overview of everything that is happening within each section of a target.

KPIs can be automatically organised. So, as soon as a team member completes one, it can be moved to an archive. Or, it could be added to a new group or board for review. offers a variety of different views that allow you to visualise PMO in the way that best suits you. The Kanban view is perfect for overseeing where team members are with their KPIs. Similarly, the Workload view and Gantt chart view will give you insight into how the work is divided between your team, ensuring everyone is staying on target.

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PMO resource allocation

Resource allocation is critical in PMO – and so equally, your software needs to manage it in a controlled and logical way. allows you to fully optimise how you plan your resources.

With the date, week, and timeline columns, you can plan out when the resources will be utilised. In addition to this, you can also use hour columns to estimate the time of which they will be in use.

Code-free automations can be configured so you can be notified when resources are freed up or taken. This will mean you no longer have to manually check on the status of each resource – so you can focus on the PMO tasks that matter.

You’re able to use formula columns to automatically manage expenses, subsequently removing the possibility of human error and saving you valuable time and effort.

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Training in PMO

In PMO, for your projects to be executed in the best way possible, your team must be provided with organised, strategic training. for PMO allows for controlled planning of training – for example, a common way of doing this creating a board just dedicated to training, then having different groups for either each day of training or each area being covered. You can then use the varied types of columns to add in resources, video call URLs, questions and answers, and even feedback and ratings

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In conclusion, is the tool you and your business needs to drive PMO success. It’ll increase productivity, efficiency, and communication – with seamlessly-executed projects as a result of this.

Designing, architecting, and implementing systems is one of our specialities. We offer professional services, training, and customer success programs that are bespoke to you and your business’ requirements. Our team of friendly experts are here for all of your PMO needs – above all, we want you to succeed.

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