How does Sugar help the Logistics industry?

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The Logistics industry has specific needs for selecting and optimising a relationship management solution for their customers. Every day, the Logistics industry deals with many important tasks. Resourcing and managing transit, distribution and shipping packages are among the most important. Relationships with customers/vendors, and deciphering huge chunks of logistical data are also vital. It is crucial to focus on implementing lean processes in their CRM to drive organisational efficiencies, and this is where Sugar can assist.

Sugar is a Customer Relationship Management software solution that enables users to optimise their workflows. The software helps you by organising your company’s day-to-day processes. Sugar adds value and improves productivity using an intuitive modular system, meaning you can add what you need to make your business tick.

The need for CRM in the Logistics industry

There are a number of reasons for implementing a CRM, including tracking progress with prospects, measuring success in the organisation, and tracking a shipment’s status.

A CRM for Logistics is essential for all these elements. It can ensure a deeper, clearer insight into business performance by each sector.

CRMs also optimise the speed, efficiency, and quality of customer interactions. 

Sugar in the Logistics industry

Optimise logistics management with Sugar

One of the greatest challenges Logistics companies face is delivering goods on time. With Sugar, you can create optimal shipment routes based on data points. Then, view real-time information about shipment statuses, all from within the solution, allowing customers to stay informed of any issues in the supply chain that might cause delays. 

Create positive customer relationships with Sugar

By implementing Sugar, Logistics companies can build and maintain the relationship between business and customer or business partners.

In a world where there are possibly thousands of shipments of freight in multiple countries every day, there is a risk of not maintaining a good relationship with the end-user. If the service isn’t consistent and you don’t pay enough daily attention to it, one or two mistakes can send your customers to your rivals.

By implementing CRM, you’ll centralise your data and give your team an effortlessly productive workspace to deal with their customers. Sugar can ensure you provide personalised purchase and service experiences, identify customers at risk of renewing, and always keep them informed on supply chain issues that may impact their business. 

Create positive customer relationships in the logistics industry with Sugar

Automate logistics workflows

The speed and quality of customer engagement play a vital role in standing out among competitors. If your teams spend a large portion of their day on manual tasks, it translates to less time spent understanding and engaging with their customer better.

Workflow automation is one of the most important benefits of CRM for the logistics industry. With automation in place, organisations will spend less time on busy work, giving more time for the activities that drive business growth.

With Sugar, you can automatically process requests and assign them to representatives based on pre-determined criteria, send personalised customer communications, and create quotes and proposals. 

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