How does help government organisations?

HomeHow does help government organisations? is a Work Operating System (OS) that allows visual collaboration to transform the way teams work together. The system is a simple, but intuitive, tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of transparency. works well for government organisations due to its effective and visually pleasing way of processing data, strong collaboration features, transparency, and easy management of tasks.

The key features of for government organisations are; functionality, automations, workload management, and security. for government – features

There are around 1 billion (Hanrec) transactions a year with central government departments, rising nearer to 1.5 billion when other organisations such as local government are accounted for. For successful transactions, organisations need a workflow to manage the full lifecycle of transactions and the functionality that supports these transactions.

The software can accurately identify your resources and understand your budget KPIs, keep track of team members’ workload, examine how and when funding is used, and more. board

It can help to maximise productivity as it lets your team focus on what’s most important.‘s advanced workflow management software lets teams automate repetitive tasks, such as sending reminders, notifying managers or individuals when a task is complete, and a status changes. The platform has all the features you need in a workflow management software to help maximise your results.

Automations eliminate manual tasks

The average office worker spends more than 3 hours per day (Automation Anywhere) on tasks that could easily be automated. can automate mundane tasks via ‘automation recipes’ – pre-defined combinations of triggers and actions. For example: when a status changes to something, notify someone, giving you the flexibility to streamline any type of workflow. automations

Automation examples:

  • Chatbots: Not every question needs to have a human available — chatbots help by answering prospect or customer queries directly on a specific webpage. Chatbots are a great way to automate some of the most common repetitive questions.
  • Email alerts/ notifications: Instead of having to remember to send an email every time something gets updated, email alerts can be automatically sent out every time an item/task is assigned, someone replied to an update, and more. 

Workload management

Missed deadlines, budget overruns, and an unhappy team that can occur if you aren’t strategic about your resource management. Government organisations have excessive amounts of admin work that are easy to become frustrated over.‘s workload management software helps to create and distribute a precise list of tasks, as efficiently as possible. This means that your team’s work is completed on schedule without putting them at risk of burnout. team projects

The organisational features of makes task management easy. The platform lets you prioritise, assign ownership of tasks and enter estimated task durations using the timeline column. You can organise your project teams easily by selecting the staff you need for your next project from the list of registered users, and assigning them a team name. You can then easily communicate, notify, and add the whole team to project boards. provides a place for your team to communicate and collaborate even on the small details of tasks. Plus, you can keep files and other information all in one place, so everyone has what they need to see the job through to completion. 

Security with

We understand the importance of keeping data secure. follows strict international standards and regulations to keep your data safe. security

The platform secures and protects the information of more than 127,000 customers worldwide with absolute transparency and 24/7 support. is committed to keeping your data secure by aligning with the strictest security measures available on the market, so you can stay assured that your data is kept safe. Transparency is the guiding force behind their security and privacy principles.

How we have helped local councils

We have extensive experience in assisting local councils with managing their IT related projects. Before implementing they were fed up with an outdated systems and working manually. This meant that their information wasn’t transparent. We worked closely with them to build a system tailored to their needs. allowed them to manage their workload and communicate and collaborate with both internal and external parties. Their system made it easy to manage projects, gaining an insight into what members of the team are working on and distributing resources to the team, and increasing transparency. 

How we have helped the NHS marketing campaigns

Struggling to keep track of their processes and identify which departments their information was related to, a department working within the NHS needed a way of streamlining their information. gave them a user-friendly way of presenting the data on a dashboard making it visually easier to keep track. They were able to create reports whereby they could present the information on boards. Furthermore, various pieces of information can be to shared with the relevant department, helping with smoother collaboration throughout.

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