Ditch data entry with Mail and Calendar integrations in Sugar Sell Premier

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No salesperson enjoys spending loads of time on data entry. Frustration set in, productivity decreases, and customers don’t get the time or attention they need.

Sugar Sell Premier addresses your business needs by aiding your sales team’m outreach efforts. Sell Premier includes capabilities of many former add-ons. This means better value for you than purchasing individual products.

Why Calendar and Mail?

Calendar and mail are some of the most crucial applications to any business. Integrating these tools enables your sales team to work smart with your CRM. All your information kept up to date.

Your Google Workspace or Office 365 accounts integrate with your CRM, for full visibility of customers, contacts, leads, and opportunities. This means when you’re writing emails, all relevant information is accessible to you. This important context is invaluable during customer interactions.

calendar integration

Sell Premier focuses your team on the bigger picture with the platform. Access to Sugar’s data from a sidebar in your emails, archiving your emails, all while syncing your contacts and calendar.

The calendar integration also means no more inputting the same data twice. Going back-and-forth for meeting bookings are a thing of the past with the ability to create a unique link to your calendar. This means that people can see your availability and choose a meeting time that suits them.

Sell Premier enables you to:

  • Specify which Opportunity, Contact, or Account you would like the email to archive to
  • Sync events across your Sugar and Outlook or Google calendars to cut needless data re-entry
  • Relate events to attendees’ records in Sugar

The integration with your mail and calendar apps is the perfect way to reduce unnecessary copy and pasting of data from one place to another. This means that less time spent on data entry and more time generating leads.

To find out more about Sugar’s integrations, get in touch with one of our experts today.