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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives any business a core hub to work from, centralising your data effectively. However, when your system can work for every part of your organisation, it becomes a complete CRM platform.

SugarCRM provides a range of different CRM solutions, tools, and add-ons to build a complete CRM platform. Rather than each system working alone, they integrate seamlessly to build a unified technology stack.

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enable.services has been a leading UK partner of SugarCRM since 2005, with dedicated teams on hand to help with every aspect of your CRM journey. We use SugarCRM in-house and benefit from the platform it provides us with.

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A centralised platform for your Sales team

Every Sales team needs a Customer Relationship Management tool. Sugar Sell is a key part of Sugar’s CRM platform, with powerful features that let your team truly focus on selling.

Sugar Sell allows you to:
  • Track, manage and forecast opportunities
  • Send out quotes quickly and easily with a Product Catalog
  • Report on key sales data
  • Manage accounts with ease

Sugar Sell makes managing subscription-based business easy with its built-in Renewals Console. This automatically forecasts and manages opportunities for you. All communication is logged efficiently so customer information is available within a few clicks – providing a tailored customer experience.

Sugar Sell integrates seamlessly with SugarCRM’s other tools and add-ons to give you and your team a 360-degree view of the customer.

Sugar Serve’s features include:
  • In-depth reporting 
  • Service console interface
  • SLA management 
  • Omnichannel case management
  • Workforce shift management

Add customer service management to your CRM platform

Excellent customer service is essential for business success. SugarCRM’s complete CRM platform makes it easy for you to provide this and more.

That’s why so many organisations love Sugar Serve. A flexible, automated customer service CRM solution that saves your team valuable time and effort.

Case routing is an innate feature of Sugar Serve that allows you to set rules to get support cases to the right teams automatically. This includes time-based assignment and escalations, all powered by SugarBPM – SugarCRM’s workflow tool.

Sugar Serve has a self-service portal that allows your customers to quickly solve common problems without having to contact a support agent. This means that the customer finds a resolution to their query in an instant, driving satisfaction and saving time.

Sugar Sell and Sugar Serve work together seamlessly to present you with a complete CRM platform. Your Sales team will be able to see a clear view of a customer’s queries and cases and tailor their communication with them, and your Service team will be able to see what products a customer has and is interested in.

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Build a powerful CRM platform with Sugar Market

Aligning marketing with the rest of your company is crucial. With Sugar Market, you can drive demand, generate leads, and achieve a high ROI, all whilst being integrated fully with other SugarCRM solutions.

Create professional emails, landing pages, and social media posts all within one CRM platform. Sugar Market integrates fully with SugarCRM solutions to give your Marketing team in-depth insights.

Sugar Market - CRM platform

Synchronise communication with Sugar Connect

Sugar Connect syncs Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite with SugarCRM to keep your information up-to-date and accurate.

You can even share your calendar directly with the customer so that they can choose a meeting time most suitable for them.

Server-side and client-side integrations mean that with Sugar Connect, you’re always working within one reliable CRM platform.

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Sugar Connect:
  • Provides you with an info-filled sidebar when reading or composing an email
  • Allows you to create, update, and delete SugarCRM records within your email client
  • Archives all emails automatically
  • Syncs events and invites

Proactive customer insights with Sugar Hint

Sugar Hint is a powerful SugarCRM tool that looks at accounts, contacts, and leads, and finds information about them by searching the Internet. It then automatically adds this information to their record in SugarCRM.

This information can include occupation and job or education history, industry, company size, location, and social profiles.

Increase productivity and accelerate the sales process by gaining insight into important customer information.

Did you know? According to industry analysts, Hint saves an average of 17 minutes per lead. It also delivers payback in less than a month based on just two calls.

Each SugarCRM solution allows you to build a fully comprehensive CRM platform to drive your business forwards. Instead of standalone systems, SugarCRM empowers your business to work from a platform that does the work for you.

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