How does SugarCRM help the construction industry? 

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A whole host of variables and stakeholders exist when it comes to managing the busy world of the construction industry. Organisations spend a lot of time and effort communicating between vendors, clients, and contractors to organise their business processes. This is where SugarCRM can lend a hand.

SugarCRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that enables users to optimise their workflows. The software helps by organising your company’s day-to-day processes so that all stakeholders, projects, leads, and accounting details are easily navigable. SugarCRM adds enormous value and greatly improves productivity in the construction industry due to it being an efficient and intuitive system that helps to streamline its processes.

How can SugarCRM help businesses in the construction industry? 

The software can be specifically tailored to fit the various needs of the construction industry, particularly helping to monitor project progress, access crucial information off-site and help keep track of clients.

Monitor project progress with the projects module

With the help of SugarCRM, users can track the progress of any construction project underway. From the initial stage of a project, all the way through the process, users can maintain a clear overview of the deliverables at each stage allowing them to make any changes accordingly. 

The projects module in SugarCRM can be used to determine which project managers are assigned to what projects so that any communications and evaluations can be done with ease. Furthermore, the module allows scheduling to be done for the timeline of the projects. Based on this schedule, users can measure the progress of the project and determine if the performance is on track. Moreover, any changes in the schedule can be communicated to the entire team allowing for reliable communication and efficient information flow.

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The budget of projects can also be set up and assigned using this module, along with respective vendors and contractors. This way, all the relevant information about all the projects is consolidated in one place to help boost visibility. 

Access information off-site

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The construction industry requires employees to spend a lot of time on-site. At the same time, much of the work needs to be done from offices, and even remotely, from homes. To do so, it’s crucial data is easily available everywhere. This is made possible by the SugarCRM mobile app, which enables users to access their leads, contacts, and accounts from various locations. With the mobile app, working offline is easily accessible even when the network isn’t, as users can store their data offline directly onto their device. When your device regains internet connection, SugarCRM will then sync in the background without any input needed from the mobile user.

Keep track of clients

Client management is a huge concern, many construction companies still largely rely on spreadsheets, point solutions, and old-school “sticky notes” to keep track of important customer data and interactions. This can cause the information to get lost, resulting in employees wasting time re-doing work. Plus, without a centralised productivity system in place, there’s no efficient way to track progress, predict results, or uncover opportunities. These pain points can all be resolved for construction companies with SugarCRM.

SugarCRM can effectively manage critical customer information all in one place to help teams build and foster a more profitable business and stronger customer relationships. All current and previous clients can be managed and recorded in a specific module designed for data management. The details of clients could include their contact information, project specifications, as well as communication history. A record of client meetings can be maintained where users can determine what agenda was covered, as well as uploading any meeting notes made.

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How can SugarCRM be tailored for construction organisations?

SugarCRM in Construction
  • Manage Vendors: In the construction industry, vendors are an essential part of every project. Detailed information on vendors can be incorporated in a specified module in SugarCRM and contain information such as the type of vendor, what materials they specialise in, how much do they charge, and what history has a particular vendor had with the organisation.
  • Categorise Contractors: Users can also categorise contractors based on their skills, which can vary depending on the type of work they provide. It is important to maintain a log of the history of the contractors hired by the construction company, along with their contact information and charges. This could make it easier to search for the right contractor with the right services within the SugarCRM platform. 

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