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With so many different digital solutions to choose from, it can be hard to engage with customers and drive revenue as a sales professional. In the first report of its kind, SugarCRM has analysed the findings of 1,000 sales leaders. It describes how technology is transforming sales processes, roadblocks and how to overcome them, and what customer data is the most important.

This CRM and Sales impact report provides invaluable insight into how the market is using CRM. It also describes the most common issues for driving sales and how to overcome them.

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CRM and Sales impact report

SugarCRM enables businesses to grow through their sales, marketing, and service platforms. Their powerful CRM gives companies the ability to create a core operational hub for their processes. has been a leading UK partner of SugarCRM for over 16 years, designing and implementing systems for customers all over the world.

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The state of CRM

CRM should allow your team to provide an excellent customer experience, every single time. You should have a fitting system for your business. You should also have high-quality data to result in a centralised view of your customers. Within the CRM and Sales impact report, it says how half of all professionals surveyed reported that they can’t access the same view of customer data across sales, marketing and service.

This is something that we can change in a few simple steps. With seamless integration, you can gain a 360-degree customer view from wherever you’re working. Your salespeople can see the marketing activities the customer has engaged in, even if they don’t have access to your marketing platform. This means that they can completely personalise the customer’s experience.

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Read about Churn in the CRM and Sales impact report

Customer churn is the rate of your customers who cancel or don’t renew their subscriptions during a given time period. A high churn rate can arise when CRM is not utilised efficiently, to retain customers and keep their satisfaction high. The CRM and Sales impact report details exactly why companies are experiencing a high churn rate, and why CRM can transform this.

Read more about churn in the CRM and Sales impact report.

Customer Clarity and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the future of CRM. However, with AI, comes the need for quality data in your CRM, enriched with information to allow for accurate predictions. The CRM and Sales impact report provides insight into improving the completeness of their customer data, in-turn improving retention, increasing revenue, and gaining better business outcomes.

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CRM should make creating customer experiences easy. That’s why we are partnered up with SugarCRM – their platform coupled with our consultancy, development, professional services, and hosting provides high-definition customer experiences, always.

Providing solutions to all of your CRM pain points, SugarCRM is the platform for aligning your teams to ensure satisfied customers.

For forward-thinking companies, CRM is the core of their business.

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The CRM and Sales impact report provided by SugarCRM gives detailed insight into the struggles faced by CRM users. This helps to provide tailored guidance to our customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their system.

Jade Hall, Customer Success & Renewals Assistant