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The alignment of Sales and Marketing teams is an important contributor to a business’s success that is often overlooked. One of the key reasons for this is that the alignment streamlines the buying process which ultimately results in an increase in new opportunities. has been a leading UK partner of SugarCRM since 2005. We have dedicated teams on hand to assist you with every step of your CRM journey. 

SugarCRM is a platform that provides a range of varying solutions, tools, and add-ons that come together to build a completely streamlined CRM that works together. The integration features SugarCRM also offers means the alignment of Sales and Marketing is simple.

GoCampaign is a marketing automation platform that helps you execute your marketing tasks in a streamlined, efficient manner. It is a flexible tool that aligns your sales and marketing, ensuring that the customer is at the centre of every decision you make.

Key methods to align your Sales and Marketing teams 

We all know that our sales and marketing teams have the same end goal: increasing the company’s revenue. However, due to different skillsets, methodologies, and knowledge, they naturally often walk on completely different paths to one another.

Salespeople are involved in promoting and directly to the customer, whereas marketers focus on the techniques of promoting, and generating high-quality leads for the Sales team to follow up on. This is where we see things begin to diverge. This disparity can be solved by considering these key methods:

 1. Break down technology barriers with SugarCRM and GoCampaign

You might think that because the sales team do not have access to your GoCampaign platform, they cannot benefit from the insights it provides.

Due to SugarCRM’s seamless integration with GoCampaign, your sales team can easily access relevant data within the CRM platform such as lead score, the number of emails they have read, and the number of forms they have submitted. This is useful as it means the sales team no longer have to rely on the marketing team feeding them information.

 2. Promote collaboration

As with any position in which you work with others, collaboration is a key factor to success. A good CRM will allow you to easily communicate and collaborate with other teams. 

SugarCRM allows you to easily view all details pertaining to a lead in one easy to navigate space. This allows users to collaboratively input information as well as view material entered by others.

3. Establish a clearly defined methodology

In order for collaboration to truly be achieved, an agreed-upon course of action must take place when marketing sends a lead over to sales. There should also be a defined method of scoring and qualifying those leads for the marketing and sales teams respectively. 

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