5 ways to drive more conversions with Sugar Market

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When you’re looking to invest in a new marketing automation platform, the main thing that you’ll focus on is what benefit it’ll have on your business. The whole point of marketing is to provide your sales team with quality leads that are likely to convert. Sugar Market recognises this and goes further than attracting the right people to your website; it connects with them and does the work for you.

We believe that knowledge sharing is vital for our customers and the individuals who are researching our solutions.

So, we’ve provided you with the top five ways to drive more conversions with Sugar Market.

1. Create better content for your landing pages 

Choosing Sugar Market removes the stress and complexities that usually come with marketing automation platforms. It has an easy drag-and-drop builder with the option to customise content even further with its coding options. Saving time on complex systems means that you can focus on the visuals and copy that persuade your target audience to get in contact with you. Sugar Market’s forms capture valuable information on the people you need to engage with most – helping you increase the quality of your leads and the rate at which they convert. 

2. Manage social posts more effectively

Instead of logging in to multiple social media platforms, use Sugar Market to manage all of your content in one place. Take advantage of Sugar Market’s suggested content based on your top keywords, which will help you create more blogs and social posts that reflect what your audience is looking for. Engage with more social media conversations and get to know your prospects and customers. Customer interactions will be tracked within Sugar Market and passed to your CRM for further sales insight. This means that your sales team can have more personalised conversations with your prospects, helping them become more interested in your products or services.

3. Run regular SEO audits on your website 

Help prospects find you by optimising your website for search engines. Sugar Market breaks down how you rank based on internal and external links, page speed, meta and mobile performance, so you’re adhering to everything that Google needs. Compare your rankings to competitors within Sugar Market and make sure that you’re always showing up first for your target audience. Generate SEO reports and tick off all the recommendations so that your content is as optimised as possible. 

Why you should run SEO audits:

  • Highlight on-page issues
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical improvements
  • Improve page titles
4. Create nurture campaigns that your prospects actually interact with

Remain at the top of people’s minds with automated and tailored messages to prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. Sugar Market‘s nurturing campaign builder allows you easily set up automated emails based on different rules ranging from demographic information, web activity, lead score and more. Not all opportunities are equal; therefore, Sugar Market gives you the ability to score leads based on their actions, for example: opening an email. This means that your sales team will be able to prioritise which opportunities are worth more and spend time converting them. 

5. Reach more people with Google ads 

Sugar Market simplifies the complexities of managing an effective Google Ads campaign. Using Sugar Market reduces the costs of third-party experts by helping you optimise and track your ads within the platform. Whether you’re looking to understand the overall impact of Google advertising on revenue or want to know how contacts are engaging with your ads, Sugar Market gives you the data you need to make better business decisions.

How many marketers are increasing their PPC budgets?

As well as the processes listed above, there are so many more of other features that Sugar Market offers to help you achieve more leads and a higher conversion rate. Take a look at the complete list by downloading our free whitepaper.

Sugar Market empowers more marketing-sourced revenue. Imagine saying goodbye to all of the guesswork that comes with messy marketing automation platforms; instead, you’ll have reliable lead qualification and more conversions. Interested in learning more about Sugar Market? Book in a free consultation with our marketing specialist below.