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One of the reasons that monday.com proves to be so popular is due to its flexibility. It’s a perfect fit for any business, in any industry, thanks to the limitless customisation and personalisation. 

We’ve put together the top 15 reasons why your business needs monday.com.

1. It simplifies communication – say goodbye to long, confusing email chains


monday.com allows you to communicate quickly and easily with your team. You can post updates to the relevant task or project, which keeps your conversations organised and trackable.

2. Automate your manual processes

Automations are one of monday.com’s most popular features – it allows you to focus on the tasks that matter by doing some of the work for you.

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3. monday.com integrates with a range of external platforms

Learn more about integrating monday.com with your external systems – download the free whitepaper here.

4. There’s an Android-and-iOS-compatible monday.com app

Work seamlessly with your team on the go with the monday.com app, without the usual constraints of limited features and functionality.

5. You can track time against projects or tasks

This allows you to make data-driven decisions with regards to billing, organisation, time managemevnt, and resource allocation.

6. It has a colourful, clear user interface

The simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to focus on the tasks that matter – collaborating with your team has never been easier.

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7. You can invite external guests to collaborate with you

Expand your collaboration to external guests, like clients, partners, or suppliers. The best part? External guest users are completely free!

8. There is a wide variety of views so you can visualise your information quickly and easily

You can see your board in a:

  • Kanban view
  • Timeline view
  • Chart view
  • Calendar view

9. monday.com has a range of different pricing plans to suit all businesses

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10. monday.com dashboards give you an overview of all information at a glance

Dashboards are a great way to display what’s important in one place. Helpful for managers and team leaders, you can get a complete overview of your workflow, and make sure you stay updated on what is happening in multiple boards.

11. Advanced search options

Search for anything across all of your boards with monday.com; for example, how many and which tasks are set as ‘stuck’, how many projects have been completed by a department, and more all by searching one related word.

12. You can increase or decrease users freely to fit with a dynamic team

monday.com‘s flexible plans make it easy for you to adjust to different resourcing.

13. monday.com provides free board templates

With a wide range of ready-made boards, you can get started with monday.com no matter what industry you’re in.

14. You can measure and track budgets or financial information

monday.com‘s formula and progress columns allow you to easily monitor and plan monetary values.

15. It provides a centralised place for sharing files

Searching through endless folders for a file can impact your productivity and efficiency. With monday.com, you can store files against relevant records and view them with ease to ensure that you’re spending your time on the tasks that matter.

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