Managing working from home with a family

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Working from home struggles

As some of you may know, Enable is a family run business and we focus on putting family first. 

As it happens, we have quite a few family units that make up the Enable team, and one of those consists of Lee (our Training Manager) and Gemma  (Project Coordinator). In their family, they also have a daughter (aged 8) and a son (aged 2), and lets not forget the four-legged members of the family Katie and Kara, who are all now enjoying life free from school and nursery!

In order for Lee and Gemma to continue working, they have had to get creative with how they manage their days. So check out their ingenuous board;

Lee & Gemma's monday board

They have decided to split their days into morning and afternoon sessions, so whilst one is with the children making sure their education continues, the other can get on with work. 

They have made use of subtasks to break up the day with different activities to keep the children engaged, and they have set up the broadcast view of this and shared the link to the T.V. in the family room so that everyone can see what is planned for the day. 

We have opened up the comments on this blog post, and would love for you to share with us some of your working from home tools, tips and tricks.

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