Win The Best Talent by Recruiting like a Marketer with Talentry

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A shortage of skilled workers, a passive employee market, digital transformation: competition for the best talent has never been as tough. Traditional recruiting channels are losing importance and reach, while the candidate journey needs to be redefined.

To succeed, you need a new recruiting mindset that puts talent at the centre of your activities and considers recruiting as a cycle that does not end with the filling of an open position. We call this approach the Recruiting Wheel.

Recruiting Wheel

Talentry's enables you to strengthen your employer brand, find new talent and nurture relationships with candidates! And with Talentry CRM you can identify, organise and engage talent, increasing their interest in your company. 

Why it works?

  • 86% of potential candidates are not actively looking for a new job
  • 87% of both active and passive talent is however open to new professional challenges 
  • 72% place particular trust in content shared in their own network

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