Why it's time to switch your Marketing Automation System

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When you invest your money into a Marketing Automation platform you expect to see results, right? As a marketer, the system is meant to make your life easier but this isn't always the case. Sometimes we make the mistake of buying a shiny, new technology that may not necessarily be right for us. When this happens, it is a lot harder to admit defeat and start over with a new piece of software.

So what are the key indicators that you should switch your Marketing Automation System?

  1. Bad experience using you current platform - Are you not getting the functionality that you need? Is the system not delivering the results that you expected? If you're constantly having issues or feeling disappointed with the platform that you're using then it's probably time to start looking at an alternative solution that is more specific to your needs. 
  2. Unsatisfactory customer support - The problem may not be the system that you are using, it could be the vendor. Do you need access to training, development, configuration and support? This is just as important as the solution itself. 
  3. Cost - Do you feel like you're overpaying for your licenses? Does the cost of the system not justify the features that you are getting? It's all about worth and value when it comes to cost. You need to be able to feel like you're getting good value for money. 
  4. You aren't achieving the goals that you set out to achieve - The worst outcome is to put money into a system that isn't achieving success for you. This is especially bad when you see your competitors achieving results.
  5. Difficult to learn and use - Have you had your solution for a while now but you're not getting used to it? With so much technology available, you want to have access to a platform that is user friendly and easy to learn. 

If your business is feeling one or many of these key indicators do not worry, we have the solution for you to switch to. We understand that sometimes, it's not as easy to 'just switch.' You need to be able to convince the directors above you that there is a solution worth switching for. This is where Sugar Market comes in.

Sugar Market is transforming how mid-sized marketing teams reach audiences and measure success throughout the buyer journey. With a curated toolset that includes highly intuitive campaign builders, advanced automation and superior reporting, Sugar Market focuses on what matters most to marketers.  

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With Sugar Market:

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