Why Do Customers Choose SugarCRM Over Salesforce?

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Sugar VS Salesforce

5 Things To Consider Before Settling Down with Salesforce

Why Settle?

Shouldn't your CRM provider be a company people rate "In a class of its own"? A lot of people have chosen Salesforce, but perhaps thats because they didn't know there is something much better on offer! SugarCRM has recently been attained PC Mag's Business Choice award for Best CRM, beating all of the competition, even Salesforce! PC Mag asked respondents to rate their overall satisfaction, reliability, and tech support experience, this time with the CRM solution they use, plus the likelihood they would recommend it to others. SugarCRM earned a sweet 8.7 in overall satisfaction (up from last year's 7.6), a 9.0 in reliability (up from last year's 7.8), and an 8.8 in likelihood to recommend (up from last year's 7.9). Read the Full Blog Post

One System that Supports Your Whole Business

With Salesforce, you have to buy multiple clouds, products and development platforms to support sales, marketing, and service teams. The increase complexity, cost, and time-to-market for your users. With Sugar, you get one fully integrated platform with functionality to support Sales, Marketing, and Service teams, and all for one low price. Read Sugar User Stories


On the surface, Salesforce pricing looks straightforward. But did you know, it takes a 48-page handbook to detail all the limitations and up-charges. These add-on charges can easily double or triple your initial cost. Sugar benefits from Limitless API access. Thats right, no extra API usage charges, and no limits. This enables you to have all the information in one place, without paying through the nose!

A Scaleable Solution

Customisation and mobile extension with Salesforce is a time-consuming and costly endeavour. it requires integration Force.com, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Exact Target/Pardot, Radian6 and now the new Lightning Framework adds even more complexity. That makes maintaining customisations during upgrades and routine maintenance a real nightmare. Sugar lets you create any number of custom modules and applications (including mobile apps) with no additional fees. And a single, clear code base makes customisation a much simpler process. Read Details of Our Development & Customisation Practises

Deployment Options

How you deploy your CRM should be up to you. With Salesforce, there is no choice. Your apps and data are in Salesforce's proprietary cloud environment, and thats the only option there is. Once deployed, you can never port your apps and data off of the system. That's it. Locked in for good. Sugar can be run on your own servers and on any number of private or public clouds. You can deploy any way you want and change your deployment at any time you need. Read More About Enable's Hosting