What's new on monday.com?

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monday.com new features

For those of you who don't know what monday.com is, it's a work operating system that keeps on giving. By 'keeps on giving,' I mean it's regularly bringing out new features to help businesses improve their workflows. If you're already benefiting from monday.com, I've got some really important updates to share with you that I think you're doing to love!! ❤️

Let's start by looking at their awesome new time tracking feature, per person. Under the 'Group by time tracking' section, you can now track each session completed, per user! This is a great update for tasks that you have with multiple assigned users because now you can see how long each person has spent working on it!

Moving on to their new file column summary feature, by clicking on the footer of your group of items, you can see a gallery view of all of the files within your group. It also has the added functionality that you can 'start a conversation,' by clicking this it'll take you straight to the item that the file was attached to, so you can add your comments. You can also download all of the files in your file column summary to make storing and saving files easier than ever.

Now you can select multiple people in automations, this new feature takes collaboration to the next level! Easily assign a group of people or team to your automations so that everyone can get involved with the task and stay updated. 

What's in the near future for monday.com? 🖥

They've been working on a new desktop app, yay! This app comes with lots of bug fixes and it's fast, slick and reliable! 

They're also introducing new Workflow Templates, currently, there are only single-board templates.


workflow templates


A workflow can be built of:

  • Multiple Boards
  • Cross board linking
  • Board Views
  • Automations
  • Item terminology
  • Board & Column descriptions

Not using monday.com? Want to see these awesome features in action? Start a 14-day free trial, no card details required. 

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