What's new on monday.com?

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monday.com have released some awesome new updates for you to get your teeth into!

There has been two new recipes with groups and numbers!
  1. When number column value is greater/ lower/ equals notify someone
  2. When status changes to something create new group
Connect with Google (signup/login) released to all traffic

Sign up and login with Google! Now, instead of having to create a monday.com account you can sign in using your Google account.

Mobile Views

There is a range of new mobile views including Battery, Calendar, Timeline, and Kanban.

mobile view
Import sources

Import your data directly from Basecamp and Facebook Ads and get working right away! You can also import data from Excel, Google Sheets, Asana, and Trello.

More status colours

Now there is even more beautiful colours to choose from!

Update section in Forms

When using a form, you can post directly to the update section. This can be very helpful for providing information and context when submitting requests via a form, and more.

update section
Advanced Filters for all Widgets

Filter by many values, across multiple boards to create your desired dashboard report.

advanced filtering
Be able to Duplicate, Print and Display Dashboards

Making it easier to share your hard work and updates in a nice and clean way. Duplicate boards to replicate reports across different teams.

Snooze Notifications for later

Once you start reading an update (in board or inbox content) and you want to give it a second glance later on, click on the reminder menu and select a time from pre-configured options. You will receive the notification with the reminder at a time that is more convenient for you. 

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