What does it take to create a successful sales email?

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Many people are struggling to write a good sales email that converts into business. There are many reasons that your emails may not be getting the conversions that you’re wanting. In a competitive industry where marketing and sales are fastly evolving, emails need to be extremely engaging.

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This may seem like a low and achievable figure, but with most people ignoring their emails, (especially sales emails), it can be quite hard to achieve 18% or more. Writing a successful sales email takes practice, research and creativity. Being interesting enough to capture someone’s attention is vital.

Here’s how we create engaging sales emails…

Start with your content

Lots of people don’t do this because they feel as though they need to do the subject line first. Writing the subject line is important but it’s a lot easier to do once you have the main body of your email. You need to pick a primary message. Are you sending your email to sell a benefit, to overcome a pain point or to feature a product? Once you have picked the main message of your content, you can then begin writing your email.

Include one CTA

As soon as you’ve done the body of your email, you can then add in your CTA. Remember, this needs to be attention-grabbing so that your CTR is high. Having one CTA rather than 3 is generally more successful because you’re giving your reader less time to decide what to click on to find out more or purchase. 

Keep the message short

We all receive lots of sales emails in our inbox, don’t we? Therefore receiving a short and engaging email is more likely to catch our attention. If you receive a long email that’s not of interest, the likelihood is, you’re just going to bounce straight off it.

Subject line

The subject line is the gold within your email. It’s the element that controls whether your email hits the average 18% open rate or not. Many sales people use subject lines that they've found on the internet that are being used time and time again. You have to be more inventive than that to stand out. Consider what value your email is offering to the reader and centre the subject line around that. The reader needs to feel like they’re going to benefit from opening your email otherwise they may delete it before even opening it.

Be personal

Personalisation will take your emails from an 8/10 to a 10/10. The reason for this is because it will make your content more relatable and direct. Putting the reader’s name in your subject line will make them feel as if you know them. Some may even think that the email is only being directed to them rather than a mailing list. Personalisation also shows that you know your data, it makes you come across educated and friendly at the same time.

Send more than one email

A lot of sales people will send one email and then assume that the prospect is no longer interested if they don’t respond. But what if the prospect is interested in a weeks time? Surely you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity that could lead to business? Always include a follow-up email at least, if you have the time and capability, create a whole nurture campaign. The more you contact someone, the better. And if they opt-out, that’s fine - they’re obviously not interested in your offering. 

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With these tips you should now be able to create more engaging emails to send out to your prospects! To have complete flexibility on the personalisation and creativity of emails, I’d recommend using a Marketing Automation Platform. This way you can build awesome campaigns and track all of the activity within each email.