What does a 360-degree view of a customer even mean?!

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360-degree view of customers

We see this ‘tech jargon’ thrown around in articles all the time, but what do they mean by having a 360-degree view of?    

It means being able to see your customer's past and present activity, as well as predict their future interactions. This information can consist of things like contact details, communication held, marketing activity and contracts. Having this information allows you to create a customer-centric and personalised approach. Customers want answers to their questions quicker than ever; therefore, having a 360-degree view of all of your data at the click of a button is priceless.

Access customer data with ease

Nowadays, there's no time for looking through an address book or numerous excel sheets. Instead, within a CRM system, you can have access to all of your customer's contact details as clickable links. You can find their email address, direct phone number and address on an easy to view contact record. This information makes communication very quick and accurate every time. Our customers state that using their CRM for contacts and account management gives them a user-satisfaction score of 88% - proving that CRM gives back to not only your employees but your customers too. 

Look back on any previous communication

Under any record in your CRM, you can see all calls, meetings and emails that have been logged. Within this, you can drill down into any notes that were made during the process and the dates which the last communication was made. When you talk to your customers, having this information is valuable because it allows you to have background knowledge of where they're up to on a project or where they are in the sales process, etc. 

See all marketing activity for a more personalised approach 

In terms of marketing activity, you can view every interaction you’ve had with your customer, and importantly, very interaction they’ve engaged with). This data gives you insight into the products or services that your contacts are interested in so that you can approach them in a more personalised and relevant way. It's about finding what's right for the customer.

Know exactly what your accounts are doing

CRM offers an impressive and extensive list of features, but being able to have all of your opportunities, quotes, documents, and contracts under an account is awesome! These features allow you to see what products or services that your customers have, how much you've won with them and how much you've lost. You can receive relevant reminders for important dates for your customers, whether that’s their business renewal dates or their birthday to drop them a note to make the whole experience more personal.

The benefits of a 360-degree view

  • It creates a more human connection with you and your customer (they’re a person, not a cell in a spreadsheet!)
  • The 360-degree view intelligently informs business decisions. 
  • You're able to report on the customer's information so that you have more defined marketing segments.
  • It increases efficiency for multiple teams - everyone can collaborate and update the same record. 
  • Everything is centralised within one system to work for your businesses needs and your customers' needs. 

A massive 74% of users said their CRM system gave them better access to customer data, improving relationships and streamlining processes. At enable.services we understand that your customers come first and we believe in that way of thinking too. We are passionate about putting our customers at the centre of our business and do everything that we can to help them achieve their goals and, grow their business.

If your business is looking to get a 360-degree view of your customers, get in contact with us and we can show you how best to achieve this.

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