We've Upgraded Ourselves - It's Lovely!

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Upgrades in progress!

Lovely is not often a word used to describe a CRM system, but with the refreshed and brighter user interface, with colourful dashboards, we think Sugar is exactly that!

As part of our Upgrades procedure, and as avid users of Sugar ourselves to, we have taken the decision to upgrade ourselves to version 8 first. This allows us to be the 'guinea-pigs', and spot any other bugs or issues before we roll out the upgrade to our customers. After some small hiccups (check out Emma's blog post on A week without CalDav) we are pleased to say that the upgrade process has been rather smooth and painless, and normal service has been resumed. Upon logging in first thing in the morning I am now met with some colourful and vibrant reports on my dashboard. I can also now hover over the charts to get further analytical insights into the data I am seeing and the numbers behind it. I can then click through and see the breakdown of the data behind that report. This makes getting to the information that I really need to see much quicker and easier.

Sugar Version 8 New Look Interface

 I can also now click-through in the same manner with any reports that I have in the intelligence pane. For example, this morning I went to one of my Account records, and from the report of Helpdesk Calls in the intelligence pane, I can now click through and see what they were regarding, who they were with etc.

Calls Reporting in Sugar

One of my task for today is to raise a few quotes; when I go to create a new quote, in the intelligence pane I can now see an enhanced product catalogue with a new folder structure. This makes it much easier for me to see all of the Product Line Items that I have available to use in my quote.

Sugar Quote Creation

To find out some more of the new features and our upgrades process, visit our Youtube Page.