A Week Without CalDav...

CalDav iPhone

As some of you may already know, we recently upgraded ourselves to Sugar 8. As a result of this, one of the hiccups we experienced was the temporary loss of CalDav.
For those who do not use it, CalDav makes sure I don't forget every meeting and call I have scheduled, by syncing my Sugar calendar straight to my Phone and home PC. Unfortunately, I have become one of those people that cannot survive without their phone calendar and it is the first and last thing that I check every day.
It took roughly a day for someone to raise the issue of CalDav not working. After several unsuccessful attempts to subscribe to our Sugar calendars on various devices and email-based calendars, the tedious task of recreating the next few day's scheduled calls and meetings was started. Some of the team were more successful at this than others... I think I gave up after about 3 meetings! An internal 'all staff' email was sent out, informing everyone that the sync was indeed broken and to be aware of our calendars - in particular scheduling things in for other members of the team.
Now, although our Sugar calendars are primarily for work activities, a few of us use it for some personal activities too; mainly reminders or notes not to book out on this day as I've got the dentist in the morning.
A few days after the all staff email was sent out, the service light started flashing in my car. So I phoned the dealership, booked in for them to collect the car from the office the following Monday, and all was well. I put this in my Sugar calendar, with a note stating that 'Please don't book me out today as I will have no car'. Monday rolls around, its 9am, and I am working through my inbox with my morning coffee, from my home office. The phone starts ringing, and my colleagues inform me that 'A lovely gentleman from the dealership is waiting to pick up your car. How much longer are you going to be?'. CalDav 1 - Emma 0
Thankfully, I am not the only one that had some scheduling issues in the absence of CalDav. Ant Matts has every other Friday afternoon off, usually to drive up to Leicester to see his family for the weekend. Now in the week of the upgrade, Ant had been on annual leave and as we all know, coming back to work after a week off often takes us little while to get back into the routine of everything, waking up early, the commute etc. Jump to Friday afternoon, and Ant is in an internal project review meeting of another plugin that is being developed. But whilst on holiday, Ant had agreed to pick up his brother from Luton Airport at 2.30pm, as when he checked his calendar, there was nothing booked in, so it was obviously a week where he has Friday afternoon off. CalDav 2 - Ant 0
In a time where we are all so busy, with our attention often drawn in several different directions, having that clear view of all upcoming activities in one Calendar is something we at Enable have certainly taken for granted.


There was a huge sigh of relief when it was announced that the CalDav sync was working again, and everyone abandoned their scraps of paper and post it notes that had been serving as a temporary fix.
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