We are celebrating our first fully remote month!

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first month of working remotely

It’s our first month where everyone in the enable.services team has been working from home! This is really important to us because we want to do our bit by staying at home and contributing our efforts towards getting through this pandemic. 

To mark our one month I wanted to share with you some of the things that our company has learnt!

Lesson #1 - Communication is key 

Our whole team communicates with other members of the company twice a day. This is to ensure that we are all getting on okay work wise and health wise. 

online meeting


We also feel that communicating with our customers is essential at this time, we've been helping them get up and running with their remote work environments. 

I spoke to our Support Engineer, Mark, about how our customers are getting on and he said, “although many customers were initially reluctant to work from home, most have surprised themselves how well they can actually cope and I am certain some form of home-working (for many) will continue in some way when things return to normal."

Lesson #2 - Flexibility is essential 

Our CEO, David, has been absolutely brilliant when it comes to allowing all of his employees to have flexible working hours, especially if they’ve got kids at home.

I asked one of our Developers, Simon, how have David and the Management team helped you through this period? He answered, “David has led from the front all the way, and the morning meetings help keep everyone communicating and collaborating. Everyone has been able to just get on with their work and deliver for the company and the customers. The flexibility on hours is useful too with the kids to deal with.”

I also spoke to Lee, our Training manager, about the same topic, he added, “we are very fortunate to have such a close team within the company, it’s more than a company of people, it’s a family. Seeing as I work with my wife, who is also in the same company, David and the Management team has been inclusive of the work-life balance that we all need. Oh and David even donated his huge trampoline from his garden and delivered it to our house which has kept my children entertained and exercised through this whole lockdown event. I've even had fun on it!”

Lesson #3 - Spread positivity

We are all trying to do this right now! Spreading positivity can incorporate a range of things, for example, giving someone recognition for a piece of work they’ve done well, asking someone how their day has been or helping someone achieve something new.

I asked Ross, our Solutions Consultant, who only started 4 weeks ago, how has the Management team welcomed you into the enable.services team? He answered, "Having started with the company after the full lockdown began, I feel the management since then has been terrific. I really am thankful for David and the Management team for still taking me on during these strange times and the emphasis on us all keeping in communication with each other has been fantastic."

In my personal opinion, spreading positivity more is one of the most important lessons! As a Marketing Executive, I try and spread positivity not only to our customers and prospects, but also throughout the whole enable.services team. It’s important to keep reminding people, that at such a difficult and challenging time, they’re doing a fantastic job.

Another way that the whole team at enable.services wanted to spread positivity is by saying thank you to all of our Key Workers:

thank you key workers
Lesson #4 - Make the most of technology

In times like this, technology is a saviour! We are so lucky at enable.services because we have our own Remote Work Package that enables us to communicate effectively from any location. This package allows us to make phone calls over the internet, have an online chat forum, video call with the click of one button, and collaborate quickly online.

I asked our Admin & Accounts Manager, Fiona, how she’s getting on working from home, she replied, “as I have never worked from home before I thought it may take a while to get used to it but I have adapted quickly with the help from our remote communications channels which has helped me keep in contact with my colleagues as required.”

Lesson #5 - Work in ‘sprints’

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘sprint,’ it means a short time period when a scrum team works to complete a set amount of tasks. A sprint is about team check-ins, collaboration and communication so that the task in-hand can be progressed efficiently to achieve and deliver the sprint goal. After a sprint, it’s great to reflect on what your team has done well and how you can improve next time.

For me, this methodology works. It’s simple yet creative, it also allows you to brainstorm ideas and communicate with your colleagues in a way that effectively gets the tasks done in a timely manner. What’s not to like!