VoIP - Designed for your Growing Business

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VoIP is designed for your growing business!

Want to be able to cut the cost of communication? 

EnableVoIP hosted PBX is a flexible and cost effective business telephone system. With low call tariffs, as little as 1p per minute, and no connection charges. A fully hosted telephony system without the need to purchase, install and maintain expensive hardware.

VoIP Costs


An increase in overall productivity is enabled by allowing employees to multitask without interruption. Conference calls and virtual meetings are possible away from the office. Integrated recordings save time as well as enhance voice clarity to improve call quality.

EnableVoIP managed services includes consultation, customised VoIP design for your business, installation, maintenance and support. A cost-effective, flexible and straightforward IP telephony system that delivers the service you need, whatever your business.

The great features that VoIP offers:

  • Click to Dial - A discreet blue icon next to each phone number within SugarCRM.
  • Call Manager - As soon as a user answers or transfers a call, a popup showing the caller and a link to the call appears.
  • Call Logging - Each call is logged as a call record in Sugar, with the caller's number, the destination number, the start time, duration and time to pickup.
Call Logging


  • Call Recording - Stream calls directly from within SugarCRM. This can be managed through access rights configured in the platform.
  • Device Selection - Select which device or number you wish to receive and make calls from.
  • User List - No need to remember colleague's extension numbers, a clickable list is available in the Call Manager.

The detail captured on each call record allows for rich reporting directly from within the CRM.

Call count per user per day/ week/month



Inbound/Outbound split



"Using our VoIP system, all of the outbound and inbound calls are logged centrally, so we always have a record of what calls happened. If we need to listen back to a call, I can be sure that we will still have it which is great in the case of doing a discovery call with a customer as I can always refer back to it. In regards to Click2dial, this saves me so much time when it comes to calling my customers! It saves me approx. 30 seconds per dial as I don't need to manually key the numbers in. Also the calls are automatically logged onto the CRM so I save time there too. On average I may do around 30 outbound calls a day which equates to 900 seconds. With Click2dial I can also be sure that the number I am dialling is correct I haven't mis-keyed." Sara, Sales Manager at Enable Technologies

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