Upgrades. Necessary, but not evil!

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Software Updates

Lets talk about Upgrades

In a world where we are so reliant on various platforms and applications to enable us to do our jobs, and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of our business, the prospect of potential downtime and not being able to access those business-critical tools is a very scary one! Upgrades include improvements to the stability, speed and specification of the platform. System enhancements increase functionality, ensuring the platform remains secure and current. Sugar 8 includes an updated User Interface, shared dashboard deployment, and drill down reports. For a full list of what to expect, click here.

Why should you upgrade?

  1. New Features Businesses and their processes evolve at a very rapid rate, and so does the environment in which many businesses operate. Sugar is no exception to this, and their understanding of the need to stay flexible, relevant and secure is reflected in their annual upgrade releases. Every release comes with enhancements, enabling you to empower your business users with the latest that the system has to offer. New extensions, plugins and integrations are being built with the latest version of Sugar in mind, therefore being on an older version may impact on the availability of these.

  2. Bug Fixes and Performance Whilst all software is tested before it gets released, this is no substitute for the examination it receives when it is put live. With the community of users of Sugar, these problems are reported, and bug fixes are applied in the subsequent releases. Typically there are thousands of these bugs that get resolved with each new version. SugarCRM also works on improving the basic framework of the solution, with performance a key aspect. With the newer versions of PHP, there has been a lot of effort to make the platform respond faster.

  3. Security Glitches With every release of a software, it becomes more reliable and robust, with many security loopholes being fixed and vulnerabilities addressed and rectified. This is a crucial consideration for all companies when discussing upgrading any web based solutions.

Upgrades also show a platform builder's dedication to its customers. By taking on your feedback (and criticisms), as well as feature requests and common customisations, providers are constantly improving on their platform, with you in mind! End of Life, is perhaps an overly dramatic statement. EOL means that when this date is reached, October 31st in the case of Sugar 7.9.4, this version of the program will no longer be actively supported or patched by the provider. This does mean that any security issues will not be resolved, as a newer and more secure version is in existence. To get a sneak preview of what you can expect from Sugar Version 8, check out some of our short demo videos on our YouTube Channel.