The Trick to Growing a Small Business, Fast

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how to grow a small business

Being a small business doesn't mean that you have to stay a small business for long. To be successful in any industry you need to be able to create life-long relationships with your customers and be able to put them first at all times. 

Small businesses are thriving, with lots of new and inventive ideas coming to the marketplace. However, where a lot of small businesses fall down, is that they're not prepared to invest in success. By investing in tools that will help your business flourish, you will be able to scale your business from small to medium, and then medium to large and so on. 

In the past, software tools may have been seen as a one-trick solution, but not anymore. Having a piece of software for many modern, small businesses now means that they're able to have an overview of their entire business, in every department. 

Did you know that a massive 50% of businesses fail within their first 12 months of being set up - That's insane! The trick to not failing is simple, however, that's why I want to introduce you to CRM. This is probably an abbreviation that you've heard many of times, with people trying to sell you their products and your main concern is the cost, right? Do you really need a CRM for your business to grow? I'll answer that question for you - YES.

Why small businesses need a CRM to grow
Build better relationships 

Without CRM it's hard to get a clear understanding of who your customers are. CRM will give you insight into your customer's pain points, their prefered communication methods and their previous activity with your company. All of this will help you give a more personal and direct experience when you're talking to your customers.

Nurture your leads

A CRM will keep all of your data in one, centralised system and without it, it can get messy. Nurturing leads is one of the hardest things for a small business to do if you don't have a CRM because the likelihood is, you don't have a huge amount of staff members to keep on top of leads either. A CRM will automate so many processes for you along the sales journey, for example, it'll notify you when you have a meeting, it'll keep track of the lead's status and it'll give you more of an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.


Did you know? ⤵️

crm automation for small businesses
Save money

To begin with, you have to invest money into your CRM, however, once you've brought a solution you're happy with, the benefits will outway the initial costs. Instead of paying lots of wages for admin staff, a CRM system will organise your data for you. It'll also save you money for your sales, retaining customers and getting them to purchase off you again is a lot easier with a CRM. As well as that, CRM reduces the cost of mistakes, you're much more likely to have a direct strategy with CRM which reduces the risk of human error.

Increase employee productivity

If you want to grow a small business, all of your employees must be working to their maximum productivity levels. CRM is easy to adopt and frees your teams up from tedious and repetitive tasks. The automation of processes allows your employees to focus on what is really important - satisfying your customers and making money. 

Using data and technology to power a more efficient small business is one of the biggest benefits of having a CRM. CRM automation allows any small business to pick up the pace faster and bring in more sales. If you don't believe me, try it for yourself. You can get a free 14-day trial of SugarCRM with no card details required. Just press the button below! 🤗

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