The Top CRM Integrations That Every Business Needs

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Having a CRM that integrates with your everyday tools is essential for business growth and success. The more that your system works with other platforms, the more seamless and accurate your strategies will be. If you don't have integrations, the downfall is that you'll probably end up having duplicated data in various systems. Having one CRM solution that integrates with all of your tools will increase user adoption because everyone will be feeding information into the same system. 

At we use SugarCRM which empowers our marketing, sales and services. SugarCRM offers a product called Sugar Integrate which enables your business to integrate processes and data with other applications quickly. It includes over 200 pre-built integrations that reduce complexity and empower business success. 

I wanted to share with you the most important elements of CRM Integrations and what's included with Sugar Integrate.

Email Integrations 

Having all of your emails within your CRM is essential so that you can give great customer service. Emails are evidence of the communication that has previously been held with a customer or prospect. This information is highly valuable because it enables you to pick up where you left off. 

With Sugar Integrate you can integrate with Gmail and Outlook accounts.

Calendar Integrations

Be able to sync all of your meetings into your calendar so that you never miss an important date. You will benefit from this hugely because if your calendar is set up on your phone, you no longer need to log into your CRM to see your appointments because they're already in your calendar!

I'd recommend integrating Google Calendar with Sugar Integrate.

Marketing Integrations

Keep track of all the marketing activity that has been sent out within your CRM. Most CRMs will give your customers and leads a marketing score so that you can see how much they've been interacting with the messages that are being sent out. This is a great way of determining how interested someone may be in your products or services. 

Sugar Integrate offers a range of marketing integrations including Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, Mail Jet, Hubspot, Marketo and so on. 


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Social Integrations

Track trends and mentions from your social media platforms within your CRM so that you're quick on response times. Have access to real-time information so that you are aware of all of the communication that individuals are having with your brand on social media. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and Twitter are some of the examples that Sugar Integrate offers. 

Accounting Integrations

Having accounting integrations will allow you to have invoices and quotes within your CRM. This is especially helpful for contact management because it keeps your CRM up to date with what stage your customers are at.

You can integrate with Quickbooks, Sage, Recurly and Freshbooks if you have Sugar Integrate.

Collaboration Integrations

Collaboration is a big part of modern businesses and the tools that you're using need to feed information back into your CRM. These types of integrations allow people to work remotely and still share information, files and projects with their wider team. 

Sugar Integrate has built a wide range of collaboration integrations including Dropbox, Docushare, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Jira etc. 

Other CRM Integrations

This may seem like a bit of a weird one because why would you want to integrate with another CRM system if you've already got a CRM? This is more for the Enterprise type of businesses which have multiple CRMs. This is a great way for them to talk to one another and have a large overview of the business within one system. 

With Sugar Integrate you can integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, Oracle, Zoho, Sendesk, Infusionsoft and many more!

These are only a select few examples of how powerful your CRM can be with the right integrations. Sugar Integrate takes into consideration that business and technology are constantly evolving. It understands that many solution purchases are delayed because organisations can't afford to lose their historical data and therefore provides an opportunity to integrate instead. By putting a stop to tedious tasks and repetitive data entry Sugar Integrate is the perfect solution for any business looking for a CRM that works with their everyday tools.

If you're interested in Sugar Integrate, get in contact with us and we can show you all of the products amazing integrations! Why stop at CRM when you can have a whole entire platform that successfully manages your business processes.

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