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Monday has released a load of new awesome features this Septemeber! The features include enhanced charts, integrations, new board features, and mobile updates.

Enhanced Charts

Multiple data series on Chats and Dashboards

As you probably already know, you can visualise multiple data series in the chart view, now you can do the same in dashboards! 

Now you can track budgets to show actual spend vs planned, project status vs priority, and so much more! 


Sort your charts in any direction 

It's up to you - You can choose to sort by descending the x axis or the y axis or sort by the order of the column. For example, if you sort by the status column, you can then see the progress steps in the order that you set in the column.



charts 3


Group data by time period

Now you can see your data  broken down by day, week, month, quarter and year! Firstly, make sure that you have a date column with values or a creation log column in your board. Then choose the time period you want to group by and the chart with adjust automatically. 

New Board Features 

Favourite Boards

You can now choose your most loved boards and keep those at the top of your boards as a focus point. This includes the ability to add boards as favourites, add dashboards as favourites and sort the favourites in the list with the drag and drop function.

You can add a board/dashboard as a favourite by using the 3 dots menu of a board/ dashboard or by using the right-click menu of a board in the left panel. 




Link to multiple items

Step 1 - Now you can link up multiple items in one cell! This allows you to link to multiple other items from one other board - A great feature to help keep data sets close. This means that you can track the status of all aspects of a project from Product to Development to Design in one place. You can also control this in the column setting if you want to block this capability on some boards. 


Webhook Integration 

Webhooks are API requests we send from our Automations server to the client's server when actions took place. Imagine webhooks as a person who is responsible for telling you whenever something happened on your board.

Mobile App

Mobile Updates

The "advanced filters" are now available for IOS. It's currently rolled out for Monday's beta users on Testflight.

What coming next...?

Salesforce Integration

Exciting news, right? Soon there will be a Salesforce integration. You can now integrate your leads and opportunities straight into 



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