The Importance of Collaboration within Remote Teams

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collaboration in remote teams

Collaboration is about more than helping someone with a piece of work. It’s about supporting each other. Whether that be through work, through personal situations or through day to day activities. Collaboration is at the heart of bringing people together, implementing positivity and changing someone’s day.

This may sound all lovely but collaboration can be hard work, it can be time consuming and involve a lot of effort. Let’s look at the main areas of collaboration and how you can work together within your remote teams.

🧠 Brainstorming

Brainstorming gives you a great opportunity to share your ideas with a group of people and allow others to ask questions and give opinions. This is one of the most common forms of collaboration. It allows people to express themselves and work effectively with other people who may have different skill sets therefore making the concept a lot stronger than it was initially. You may think that brainstorming is harder for remote teams, but it’s not if you’ve got an App that allows you brainstorm in real-time and cross collaborate with other members of your team.  

🗣 Communication

Communication is at the heart of all collaboration tasks. Whilst communication has dramatically changed now that a lot of us are working remotely, we are still however, able to deliver the same vital information. Many people are struggling with the change from seeing people in person to communicating over email or a chat forum. But this doesn’t have to be so difficult! There are plenty of remote work task management tools that allow you to video call your team members directly from the software itself. This increases productivity and allows you to communicate on a more personal and interactive level. 

💖  Culture

Culture is one of the most important elements within a remote workplace. Spreading positivity is a collaborative effort and employees expect it from the above down. Spreading a positive work culture can include doing simple things like celebrating individuals Birthdays, celebrating successes within your teams and create a feeling of community across the whole company. We’ve created an article to help educate leaders on the top 5 things they need to do to create a positive remote work culture.

At we did some research into how many people are happier working from home:


📊 Resources

Resources that can be worked on collaboratively create team successes. It takes a lot of effort to keep all of your workflows running smoothly. Having one place where you can access all of your files so that you can edit them online for the next team member to access is essential when working remotely. This allows for a more consistent approach to collaboration where everyone can access the right tools at the right time to be able to do their job effectively. 

💻 Software

Software for collaboration is vital. Any collaboration software you use to complete your project needs to have all the tools necessary to help your team get the job done, and done effectively: they need to be able to communicate, manage, plan, share and find everything they need quickly.

The benefits:

  • Keep teams focused and on task, with all files, communications and more to complete their task in one place.
  • Cut down on unnecessary meetings and email conversations
  • Track work easily, check high level project status, and who’s working on what
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