The enable and event - What a Success!

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Yesterday we had our first ever London event in partnership with! 

I want to personally thank everyone that attended! We had a range of both customers of and individuals that are interested in, which is great! All of you made an impact on the event and made it such an enjoyable and lively morning. We were so impressed with how much everyone got involved and talked to one another as that was our main goal. Creating relationships and understanding other people's requirements is vital to us here at Enable.

I want to also thank our guest speakers Jonna Sercombe and Meng Jiang from Interactive workshops who gave us an insight into how they use and why they love it! They got the audience interacting with their first few words and got people laughing. What a great team!

I also wanted to say that the vibe in the room throughout the whole morning was fantastic and that was thanks to everyone! Not only was it a fun and enjoyable morning for us and those who attended but it was also insightful. A lot of people were coming up to me at the end of the event saying that they had learnt something new and that they had lots of information to take back to their work colleagues. Another thing that was mentioned is that people felt like the tool could make their teams more organised and productive which is great! It really does make an impact on us here at Enable when we hear all of the positive feedback because we want to continue doing these events so that you can get the best out of the products that we sell. 





If you didn't attend our event yesterday do not worry! We will be holding more events in partnership with around the UK which you will be able to sign up to next year! And we are already excited for the next one!

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Blog written by Jade Isaac, Marketing Assistant